2003 Toyota Celica GT


Great car... stylish... quick... reliable


Nothing beyond regular maintenance (i.e. brake pads, tires, etc.)

I have had a couple of accidents (a deer hit and I rear ended a car, after they stopped, suddenly), so body parts have been replaced.

I'm getting a lifter tap in the engine.

General Comments:

I really like this car, one of the best I've owned.

Great pick up, and it'll go as fast as I want it to (it isn't a Lamborghini, but she'll do, for me).

Not as comfortable on long trips as I might want... you tend to cramp up after a few hours, but, the front seats are comfy enough, and seem to hold you in place as you corner and maneuver through traffic.

The hatchback is roomy, and since the rear seats fold down, you can get quite a bit in the back.

Not so roomy in the back seats, but hey, I don't sit back there, so I'm good with it. Just make sure whoever does, is small.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2012

2003 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8 4 cylinder 6M




Clutch had to be replaced at 36,600 miles - this cost 1400.

Water Pump leaks need to be replaced at 45000

Drive Axel seal leaks need to be replaced at 45000

Fuel Injection was done at 36,000 per Dealer.

I don't know why the clutch went out so early and naturally it is not under warranty. I don't know if FI was necessary as the manual does not indicate. Also do not know why the water pump leaks at what seems to be low mileage. I don't know enough about cars to determine if this is normal.

General Comments:

I don't race in this car enough to know how awesome the ride is. The car does have a safety mechanism that pulls or yanks you back to reality if you try to floor it. When I first purchased and was not familiar with the handling, you can feel the speed and power of the car nervously. However you get in control within a day.

The back seating may appear small but it really is not. I am able to drive around adults in the back. Although the illusion of it being small gets you out of being a taxi service. My Mother is short but round and fits fine. My Dad is average height, but thin and fits fine but prefers the front. My brother is either 6 or 6-1 and just fits. Probably anyone over will not fit as their head will hit the ceiling.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2008

2003 Toyota Celica GT 1.8


This car is awesome



General Comments:

This car is awesome.

It is reasonably quick and handles beautifully.

Mileage is as high as my previous car (Corolla) so no trouble with high gas prices.

I totally love the seats, they are super-comfortable and the cockpit-like feel is just awesome.

To top it all, this car is extremely good looking. I've had people commenting on it all the time.

It still has the same old Toyota reliability, so I don't expect to have any trouble with it.

My only complaint is that rear seats are a joke. Although 2 adults can squeeze in, they can get seriously uncomfortable soon.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2006

2003 Toyota Celica GTS


Not happy with the car, won't buy another Toyota


Engine blew up, dealer replace engine under warranty, but never explain what the problems was, seemed to be very silent about the situation, was without the car for 2 weeks.

Clutch had to be replaced, dealer charged me $2500 wasn't covered under warranty.

Water leaked around driver's window, repaired under warranty.

General Comments:

Engine only performs at high revolutions, which makes interior noisy.

Easy to bog engine down during speed shifting, engine requires more torque.

Manual transmission shifts nicely and smoothly, but it can be difficult to get it into first gear.

Brakes & handling fair.

Interior fit and finish good, but everything looks cheap.

I won't buy another Toyota again too many major problems with the car and Toyota dealer service was extremely poor, and replacement parts are extreme expensive.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2005

3rd Feb 2005, 10:36

The references to speed shifting, engine performing "only at high revolutions" and a clutch replacement (at only 16K km!) that WASN'T covered under warranty all indicate that this owner abused the car.

Then he complains that it doesn't hold up.

Apparently he has now sold or traded it. I feel sorry for whoever gets it after it has suffered the tender mercies of this reviewer.