1997 Toyota Corolla SD - special 1.6 gas


A classic and very reliable commuter


The only thing that has ever gone wrong with this car was a rear strut that needed to be replaced at 220000k. Its hard to believe, but this car has never caused a single problem - nothing! I still can't believe it!

General Comments:

With the exception of having to replace tires, brakes, filters, and general maintenance, this car has never needed anything. It certainly isn't a performance oriented car, but it has the toughness of a Mercedes Benz. I have a Chevrolet - its garbage. Forget US manufactures they're no good. The Japaneese know what they're doing and it shows in this car. This little four cylinder has driven from Eastern Canada to North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania - anywhere you want to go it will take you! Make sure you undercoat, because they do have a tendency to rust. I will definitely buy another Toyota product - the quality is unparalleled.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

1997 Toyota Corolla CE 1.6


Very reliable car for an average price


The manifold cracked. Hopefully, it was still under warranty. (dealer even replaced the cover even if this item was not covered by the warranty)

The steering had to be adjusted.

General Comments:

I like this car, the fuel economy is very interesting.

As for the performance, it's quite normal for a Japanese 1.6 (85 hp).

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Review Date: 13th October, 2002

11th Jul 2003, 19:32

This car has a 105hp engine not 85.

1997 Toyota Corolla CE 1.6


Slow, automatic piece of junk


Sway bar bushings.

Valve cover gasket leak.

General Comments:

This is the cheapest car I have ever seen. The original owner bought the base model and spent $500 extra to get the three speed automatic.

The Transmission is the downfall of the whole car. If it had the five speed manual it would get better gas mileage and be quieter on the freeway.

If anyone is thinking about getting this car or a Toyota in general get the manual transmission.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2002

10th Apr 2006, 19:25

Agreed, the manual gearbox is a must for these small engines. If you can't drive a stick, learn or else buy a v6 Camry.

10th Apr 2006, 20:58

3 speed autos in 1997? I think they only had 4 speed autos and 5 speed sticks.

11th Apr 2006, 09:53

Toyota, Chrysler and GM must have all had warehouses full of 3-speeds on through the nineties, because that's what they foisted upon consumers of their cheapest products.

At least Toyota offered a 4-speed, in a Neon you got a 3-speed based on the one from the K-Car!!!Why, Chrysler, why?

GM finally saw fit to invent a 4-speed for it's small car line in about 2000, there was one for the 2.4 four since '97 but that was not a standard engine.

Ford, with the Mazda-based Escort series had a 4-speed auto wayyyyyy back in 94.

Don't despair, your toyota probably still gets 30mpg everywhere.

10th Jun 2008, 06:18

The comments about GM's automatic offerings for their small cars is mostly true -- except that you could upgrade to a 4-speed on Cavaliers & Sunfires as early as 1996 on LS models equipped with the base engine. Also, a 4-speed was the only auto trans available as an option with both engines in the Saturn S series cars as early as 1991. Regards...

15th Feb 2013, 08:53

Never get an auto on any engine under 2.3L unless it's a CVT, it will be mediocre to drive at best, weigh more, use more fuel, kill any kind of performance you had, and more than likely cost you more in the long run in service and repairs. CVTs however are a different kettle of fish, with their infinitely variable ratios.