ECHO 4-Door Sedan 1.5 VVTI

Cheap, reliable, flawless!

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ECHO Base 1.6L

This simple and reliable Toyota is for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity

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Love love love this car!!

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We loved it, and we would most likely own another one in the future

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ECHO 1.5 liter VVTI

Not sporty. Very reliable car. Nice Overall

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ECHO 4 door

A nimble little car well suited for city driving and parking!

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Friends hate it, you love it

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I like it, but liked my CRX better

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A solid, inexpensive car that makes a statement...

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ECHO Base 4 cylinder

A cheap to maintain little bug

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ECHO 1.5L 4 Cylinders 108 hp

Best value car there is. Who needs an SUV?

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ECHO 4 door 1.5

The best small car in the world!!!

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