1992 Toyota Landcruiser 4.0 Litre gasoline


The Best SUV in the world!


I bought the vehicle "true miles unknown" and took a chance on what I was getting into, but took the chance anyway. I LOVE this SUV! I would never sell it. I own more than one vehicle and plan to keep this one forever.

I did have some glitches at first. No POWER brakes. Dumb mechanics could not figure it out. Finally replaced the Master Cylinder and got parts online. Brakes were fine since.

I had the front differential go out. I THINK someone from a fast lube place put the wrong fluid in. Will never know for sure but I had the front differential overhauled. Big bucks but I bit the bullet.

Did some optional expenses--larger wheels and tires. The 92 has pitifully small wheels-15's. The vehicle has run flawlessly ever since and has been a pleasure to drive every mile. Exhaust rusted, replaced with custom dual exhaust. Interior is perfect and flawless and never had any breakdowns. Even the repairs were planned out so I was never left stranded once. I would never own anything now other than a Toyota. My old car was a 4-Runner which I was forced to sell due to financial probs, but got back on my feet and stepped up to a much older LandCruiser and will keep and protect that vehicle forever. It does feel like a tank when I drive it. 5000 pound vehicle. A bit slow to accelerate on the highway.

General Comments:

I was "sold" on this vehicle when I test-drove it! I was exiting a highway and pulled up behind a little Chevy Blazer and was actually looking "down" at the Blazer because the LC sits so much higher. You definitely get a "King of the Road" feeling when you drive this vehicle.

It eats the gas, but I don't care. I love this SUV!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2009

1992 Toyota Landcruiser


I love this stylish, trusty utility vehicle


I have only had to issues with my TLC

1) The battery would always die when I left the lights on. I needed 10 to 12 jumps in the winter time from co-workers. The fix was a electrical drain sensing device, called Priority Start, that would shut of power to entire vehicle. These install near the battery and cost around $75.

2) The next was starting the vehicle in the summer. It would not start in hot weather. Sometimes it would start, others it left me stranded.

Other times I would do errands on and the third start it wouldn't go. I turned out to be an ignition relay. These are housed in a box in the front corner of the engine compartment. I haven't had the problem since getting a new relay, and spraying the area with electrical contact cleaner. I keep spares in the glove box and switch them out if I can't start. Their performance drops when these relays get hot. I just put a cool relay and and it seems to solve the problem.

General Comments:

This is the king of off road vehicles.

It is like a husky... Land Cruiser season here in Michigan is winter.

I drive through snow banks to try and get stuck.

I have the regular FJ80 straight six, so my acceleration is poor. I understand it is better with the FZJ80 which came in 1993.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2008

1992 Toyota Landcruiser


Determined and Reliable Character


Nothing at all in the six months, 10K that I drove it.

General Comments:

I have always owned a Mercedes, but the tranny finally went out on my old faithful so I bought the Landcruiser to help a friend out. I am so glad that I did. It was a wonderful experience.

First, you sit so high that you can see over traffic. Nice. Getting in is alright, as I'm 5'5". But I always had to pull myself up into the back seat in order to get the baby into the middle car seat. It wasn't too much of a bother. To compensate, there is a heat vent to warm up the back passengers. The vehicle holds up to 8 people, although the back-back is more for children.

It is definitly not Mr. Speedy and has a love of gasoline. I mean, it really loves gasoline! I'm not sure what the MPG is, maybe 13-15mpg?

The vehicle is so heavy, that you can feel how heavy it is when driving. A wonderfully safe feeling.

Anyway, the Landcruiser was great. Yes, sadly, it WAS great and I did enjoy it while it lasted.

See, having owned one single Mercedes for the last 12 years, I got to know the car. When I bought the Landcruiser I didn't know it.

There is an oil pressure gauge that somehow dropped and became stuck on L. I figured it was just a bad gauge since the interior dash lights were finicky on when they wanted to work.

No bother, I kept driving it.

Well, another month and the oil gauge still was stuck on L. I kept driving it. A few more days, oil gauge still says L... see where this is going?

One day I started it. And it starts everytime. I drove for awhile until I heard some banging. I kept driving and the thing began to sound like a helicopter. Did I stop? Nooooo... I wanted to reach my destination first. The helicopter sound kept going until finally it sounded like a helicopter crashing into a cliff.

I finally pulled over. Called my uncle & husband. The checked the oil, and sure enough it was dry. They added 2 gallons, yes that is 8 quarts of oil.

Anyway, the helicopter noise faded to clunk, minor banging. BUT it started! Shock!

And it actually still runs! Amazing.

Anyhow. It costs more to fix than I paid for it, so sadly, the relationship is over and I'm going to sell it and move on. I'm sure it will run for another 10,000 with the banging, but I have small children and can't take the chance of when the engine will seize.

Wow, what a great vehicle!

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2008