1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged 4AGZE


Either a run for your money, or a money pit


Overheated due to air in the coolant lines.

Distributor O-ring leaks oil.

Replaced brakes all around.

Replaced supercharger oil ($50, hard to find).

front and rear ball joints.

General Comments:

This car is amazing. The amount of power from this little 4 banger is enough to make that Mustang look at you twice.

My favorite part about this car is the style. As most cars get older, their appearance fades with time. This is not the case for the supercharged Mk1. The raised deck lid adds a more sinister look, not just flat like the N/A model, and the 17 inch rims I have on low profile tires, make the car appear much lower and stanced than the mk2s. It holds up with the new "boxy" styles of newer cars.

Also, this car is very quiet until you mash on the gas, and the supercharger kicks in.

I love this car. 23 years old, and the paint still looks good, no rust, and the rebuilt 4AGZE is still running strong.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2012

1988 Toyota MR2 mk1 T-Bar 1.6L


My first car, a dream


When I had started out, It ran.

The dash is cracked up towards the vent and by the gauges.

The paint job was completely sun-fried, the clear coat was coming off and it was faded.

The tires were also near bald.

I had found out the oil hadn't been changed for 16,000 miles.

After the oil was changed, It ran for another two months (until August 2003). The clutch and the slave cylinder were shot.

Two months later (October 3003), the last of the gaskets were blown in the engine. This started a fire.

General Comments:

Let's start with improvements. I first of all had the clutch and the slave cylinder replaced.

After the fire, it sat for about a month and then I took it to the shop, and had the gaskets replaced and a new exhaust system put in... boy did she purr.

I replaced the tires with Dunlop sports.

I also graced her with a new dark cherry red paint job.

Her handling is like a go-kart, but careful on the turns. At a 90ยบ, anything over about 40 will drift the back end.

Gas mileage is awesome, I get about 29mpg in town and 39mpg highway.

It shifts very quickly, which allows me to downshift quicker and rev it higher.

It gives a boost at about 5000 rpm's and away you go.

It also has a high red-line limit starting at 7500 rpm's.

It's a little slow on the takeoffs, but can pull through in the long run.

I believe it is the county competition, no matter the car, despite the age.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2004