1993 Toyota Previa LE 2.4




My emergency brake light is on?

General Comments:

I love the "Mothercraft". It's the best car I have ever had! Can haul all the friends around without a problem! Feels like a car and rides very smooth! I wish that Toyota would keep making the Previa's!

I think that Toyota really needs to work on their service marks! Every time I go to Toyota, they act like they don't want to answer any questions about my 17 year old minivan.

Gas mileage is great... the motor sounds very quiet... and nothing rattles... a 17 year old car and nothing rattles! LONG LIVE THE "MOTHERCRAFT"

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Review Date: 14th December, 2010

1993 Toyota Previa LE 2.4L i4


Great family vehicle; easy on the pocketbook


Occasional leak in rear differential -- especially if the air vent is clogged.

The drive for the front accessories went -- replaced earlier by previous owner under warranty.

General Comments:

Handling was pretty reasonable for a van, though somewhat underpowered -- basically acceptable.

The interior cabin is comfortable, but not opulent.

This van never skipped a beat as far as reliability went.

Mileage OK, but not great (28 mpg highway or so).

A cool little oil reservoir up front sucks up more engine oil if it's going low, though even at 250K didn't use much oil at all.

No real shakes and rattles developed.

Body panels are rust resistant.

Nice van!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2007