Sienna LE 3.0 gas

Super reliable

181 words

Sienna LX 3.0

An excellent family car

120 words


It is too expensive when you have to buy new tires at $1200 every year!

107 words, 1 comment

Sienna LE

Our family puts lots of miles on this because they all would rather drive it than anything else

66 words

Sienna LE V6

Giving me a headache

61 words

Sienna XLE AWD 6 Cylinder

163 words, 10 comments

Sienna LX Regular - not sure

247 words

Sienna XLT Limited AWD

Unsafe in traffic

34 words, 5 comments

Sienna LE

A possible lemon

76 words, 67 comments

Sienna le awd 3.3 vvti

152 words, 4 comments

Sienna XLE 3.0+

High priced car with a serious flaw

156 words, 3 comments

Sienna CE ?

The best choice for a minivan..

258 words

Sienna CE 3.0L

Not a good vehicle

102 words, 2 comments