2011 Toyota Sienna Base 3.5L V6


Sienna is THE best of all


Nothing yet, flawless.

General Comments:

- Bought the Sienna, end of November 2010 with 9 kilometers on the speedo.

- Had a Pontiac Montana and Dodge Grand Caravan before, and the Toyota Sienna is way better hands down.

- Never been to dealer yet as I did with others after few kilometers.

- Pulling and hauling with the 3.5L is almost a breeze; almost not feeling it compared with others. The transmission works really well, and by the temp. gauge, the engine stays cooler on very hot days, where the Dodge was sometimes near the red zone, and I had to change three times their lousy trans. I must confess that I'm little anxious how much it would cost a for 6 speed trans. Hope it will be bulletproof or malfunction while guaranteed.

- Believe or not, I have reached with the help of cruise control at 62 MPH (100 km/h), 39 miles per Canadian gallon!

- Almost bought a Honda Odyssey, but when I learned (they won't tell you unless you asked!) that all of their V6s have timing belts, NOPE, changed my share of 'em, that sent me to try the Sienna and I was hooked! Also my girlfriend loves it, a big plus!!

- Only one thing that will take me a longer time to get use to, is that the steering wheel doesn't tilt down enough for me to be comfortable on long trips, even if I sit higher.

- Critics say too much plastic, but what level is too much? I've seen other vans who also have plastics; I'm no expert to tell which one has more plastics than others, but there's plenty on others too!

- The Toyota V6 is so smoooooth, and very responsive with more than enough torque. Didn't meet or hear one slapping like I've seen on YouTube, and I've seen many!

- I'm pretty confident that the Toyota 3.5L will be more durable and reliable than the others that I've had, and by the comments of some over here, it's looking good!

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Review Date: 11th October, 2011

2nd Nov 2011, 18:15

At work, 2 friends of mine have vans; one has an Odyssey 2002, and the other a Sienna 2001, and both have over 300000 KM, but the 2nd transmission died on the Odyssey last week, and he told me that he's not going to replace it, because the van worth less than the 3400$ price tag for a rebuilt transmission, and he told me that he also has to think of its second timing belt, water pump, tensioner replacement at the price of over 1400$.

I am glad that I bought a 2011 Sienna, as I heard that some Odysseys still have transmission issues and still have timing belts on their V6s. For now the 2001 Sienna still has its original trans., and besides normal wear and maintenance, he has had no problems. Now the Odyssey is for sale, but he's not dreaming, because nobody wants an Odyssey without a transmission, but the scrap yard.

2011 Toyota Sienna SE 3.5 V6


Toyota, you hit the jackpot with this Sienna big time!!



General Comments:

When we first saw the commercials and the newspaper ads about the 2011 Sienna, we knew that it was time for us to look at them in person. And we were impressed!! We had traded in our 2005 Grand Caravan for the SE model of the Sienna. Our Sienna is Silver with the charcoal leather interior.

Speaking of the interior, it truly is remarkable how Toyota came up with the formula of creating such a remarkable interior of a family minivan. The seats are very comfortable in all 3 rows. The controls are fabulous!! We love the way that they are laid out. And the quality is excellent. We have 3 kids, and they love the amount of interior space that this offers, and so do we.

The cargo area is much better than it was in our Grand Caravan. And we got the optional storage organizer.

Now for the ride. It is much quicker than than our 2005 Grand Caravan. It handles a whole lot better, and the steering alone is way better than what we had in the Grand Caravan. It rides beautifully, despite being the sporty model of the Sienna.

We absolutely love this vehicle!! In fact, we have recommended it too many of our friends, as well as a few of our family members.

So if you really liked the previous Sienna, you will love this version. It is fabulous!!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2010

2011 Toyota Sienna XLE 6 cylinder


Great van, but too noisy


Accelerating...the engine emits a very throaty, irritating noise that can also be felt in the steering wheel as a vibration.

At highway speeds, the outside wind noise is also higher than one should expect from a Toyota.

General Comments:

I love the styling of the new Sienna.

It is very comfortable to drive and rides nicely (except for the noise/vibration comment).

The GPS built in has more features than I will ever learn to use!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2010

2011 Toyota Sienna LE 3.5 V6


Redesigned, and even better than before!



General Comments:

Great van, excellent style, very comfortable seating and really enjoying the sliding second row seats.

I was not sure when I bought the van if I would like the sliders, but they really make a difference with kids or adults.

Very responsive engine, great feel driving.

Bluetooth streaming and hands free operation of the cell phone work excellent. Enjoying the iPod connector as well.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2010