1992 Toyota Soarer GT-T 2.5 twin turbo 1JZ-GTE


The best car Toyota ever made


- Outer tie rods (suspect it of being lowered).

- Turbo oil seal leaks (they were run at more than double the stock PSI, 18 PSI vs 8 PSI stock). I have since upgraded to a large single turbo.

- Eats spark plugs due to the increased power output every 10k.

- One leaky taillight and headlight.

- Hood and trunk shocks required replacement at purchase.

- Alternator died on the day of purchase, but it had sat for 6 months.

General Comments:

Wicked car to own. I beat on it like a rented mule! Have it making 400 WHP. Awesome highway cruiser, a little large around the city, and has a crappy turning radius. Very good ride quality, but it's stable at 300 kph! I drift it almost daily; it just needs tires a lot LOL. Will do 2nd gear brake stands all day.

I have it modified moderately. It's lowered 3" on HSD fullbody coilovers, has Rays forged 19" wheels off a G35 Coupe. Has a single turbo swap, a 62mm unit making about 400 HP at 20 PSI. A very fun car to DD. Doesn't even have a check engine light on and it's 23 years old! The current clutch is on its way out, but it's only rated for 350 torque.

Overall a nearly perfect car, other than the small trunk. It's even good on gas out of boost; 32 MPG highway around town is crap, but I boost a lot.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2014