1981 Toyota Supra Celica 6


The best car I've owned, well, the most fun!


Timing chain at 360,000.

OH sensor at 375,000.

General Comments:

I purchased this car from a 92 year old retired pilot. It was in December of 05 and there was a snow storm. He just purchased a new Lexus and also had another Toyota, Avon I think. The Supra was not been winter driven since '84. He didn't have room in the garage, he didn't want to sell, but didn't want to keep her outside and put her up for sale for a song.

The car has been a dream to drive, summers only. Nothing has gone wrong. She only gets 94 gas and synthetic oil.

Oh did I mention, no rust whatsoever.

The interior is mint.

The car gets a lot of looks. Mostly from middle aged men. LOL!

The paint is original, as are most of the parts. He changed the A/C, and added a sunroof. This is one hell of a nice car.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2010

11th Jul 2013, 11:08

Still driving it...