Tacoma Base 4 cylinder (large)

The best truck if you can find one

45 words

Tacoma SR5 2.7 inline 4-cylinder

Great reliable truck with good gas milage for a truck, but underpowered when it comes to towing

55 words, 3 comments

Tacoma SX 4x4 2.7 DOHC

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Bar none

135 words

Tacoma Xtra Cab 2.4L

The definition of reliability! Great truck!

142 words

Tacoma SX 2.7L DOHC

Everything I could want in a truck

258 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 2.4 Litre

Great truck nice driver, but hate that frame rot!!!

217 words, 2 comments

Tacoma SR5 4X4 2.7

This truck is for LIFE, a one time purchase

36 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 Extend Cab 2.4

The truck drives like a car yet works like a truck

72 words

Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4 2.7L I4

Nice, reliable, but underpowered

159 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 3.4


66 words

Tacoma 2.4 inline four

Basic transportation that is pretty reliable

101 words

Tacoma 4 cylinder

In a word, phenomenal!!!

98 words, 1 comment

Tacoma sr5 extra cab 3.4 V6

Well engineered and very reliable

96 words, 7 comments

Tacoma 4x4 EXT Cab 3.4 V6

Excellent resale value for this go-anywhere truck

129 words

Tacoma SR5 2.7L

74 words, 2 comments

Tacoma SR5 2.4

Unbelievable reliability

188 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 4X4 EXT CAB 3.4 V6

A dependable, fun truck to own!

202 words

Tacoma SR5 4X4 2.7L

I would recommend this truck to anyone

33 words

Tacoma SR5 V6 2X2 3.4L V6

A sleeper like no other car, and the bed is handy for... things

41 words

Tacoma SR5 2.4L

A dependable, reliable truck that gets 30 mpg

42 words

Tacoma SR5 4x4 2.7L

Most reliable truck out there

55 words, 16 comments