Tacoma 1.7

A good reliable truck. Worth the money

69 words

Tacoma Base 2.4 gas L4

The most reliably boring truck in existence, that will never let you down

727 words, 40 comments

Tacoma 2WD Base Regular Cab 2.4 Liter

The Toyota Tacoma is great economical transportation

141 words

Tacoma SR5 TRD 3.4L V6

The kind of truck that I could pass on to my grandchildren

122 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 3.4

Very powerful, strong and beautifully

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Tacoma Prerunner V6

Good truck

49 words

Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4 Ext Cab 3.4L V6

Great reliable used truck value; only get the V6 if you need the power as gas mileage is horrid

215 words, 1 comment

Tacoma SR5 TRD V6 3.4L

Pricey, but worth every penny.

246 words, 2 comments

Tacoma SR5 3.4L V6

I fixed the dash rattle! Great Truck

113 words

Tacoma X Cab 4X4 4 cylinder 2.7L

Very reliable, but flawed

54 words

Tacoma SR5 PreRunner Extra Cab 3.4L V6

Great Pick-up Truck

58 words

Tacoma XTra Cab SR5 4x4 2.7L 4-cylinder

Great, reliable truck with superb mechanics, but has an uncomfortable, problematic interior

209 words

Tacoma V6

The best vehicle I've ever owned!!

117 words

Tacoma SR5 V6

Unacceptable level of annoying rattles, we're very disappointed in our 4th and last Toyota

66 words, 8 comments

Tacoma Double Cab 3.4 V6

High marks with future design considerations

109 words

Tacoma SR5

129 words

Tacoma SR5

The best little pickup to ever exist!

62 words

Tacoma xtra cab

Wonderful for 2!

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