Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4 3.4L V6

Simply the best compact truck in America

86 words

Tacoma Base 2.4L V4

Good truck that tries to do too many things

224 words

Tacoma Base 2.4 Gas

Toyota quality isn't as good as it use to be

194 words, 2 comments

Tacoma Base model/2wd single cab 2.4L

THE best truck out there, but I haven't driven a Tundra yet.

207 words, 27 comments

Tacoma SR5 TRD V6

I usually get a new car every 2 years, but I'm keeping this truck!

186 words, 2 comments

Tacoma SR5 3.4 liter V6

Quality with the price of poor fuel economy

103 words, 3 comments

Tacoma Base 2.4L

This truck is excellent basic transportation

145 words

Tacoma SR5 2 w/d extra cab 2.4L

Below fair and less than reliable

254 words, 7 comments

Tacoma double cab, TRD, Limited 3.4L V6

Nearly ideal vehicle, just needs better gas mileage and better interior

589 words

Tacoma 4x4 Extra Cab SR5 3.4 liter V6

Tough, reliable and fun to drive

235 words, 1 comment

Tacoma base model reg cab 2.4

Excellent basic transportation commuter and utility vehicle

205 words

Tacoma SR5 V6 XTR Cab 3.4L V6

I am not satisfied with this vehicle

170 words, 113 comments

Tacoma PreRunner

Not worth $27,000 and not for tall people

106 words, 9 comments

Tacoma PreRunner 3.4 V6

The Tacoma is an excellent vehicle, but needs some refining and a larger fuel tank

183 words

Tacoma sr5 v6 TRD Off Road 3.4L

Smooth, Powerful, yet very refined

114 words, 1 comment

Tacoma Ext Cab SR5 $x4 3.6L V6

Tough little truck built to last

54 words

Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab TRD 3.4 V6

A great 4x4 truck with only one big discrepancy, and a couple of small ones too.

219 words, 59 comments