2018 Toyota Yaris IA 1.5L gas


Very well designed econobox


Very little, so far! In 19 degree weather, the windshield wipers got stuck and wouldn't move once, however they could have been iced up.

The infotainment system is pretty bad at connecting to Bluetooth phones and making decisions about audio sources. On two Android phones, I randomly have issues with connecting. There's a few USB devices, which, if plugged in with a cable that has a data line, will cause the infotainment system to reboot itself every ~5 minutes. Very annoying.

The rare sized 16" tires make for good handling/comfort, but are very expensive to replace. I wish that a more common 15" size was chosen.

General Comments:

Note: My car is a Yaris IA, which is the Mazda designed version of the Yaris, which is being sold as a Toyota.

This is an extremely good car for the money and I plan to keep it long term!

Handling is very nippy/agile, and it also rides like a larger car. Mazda did an excellent job when they designed the suspension/chassis. Even at very high speeds, the car does not become skittish or twitchy. The oversized wheels make for good compliance over potholes etc.

Acceleration is quite good for a car with 106 horsepower. The engine has excellent low end torque, so you could drop it into 6th at 35mph and still be able to accelerate fairly well. The low curb weight of the manual transmission model (~2,350lb) really helps here.

The engine bay is well laid out and the car looks very easy to work on in the future.

The manual transmission shifting action is quite good and notchy, however the clutch action is very mushy and ambiguous... the car also has significant rev hang, so you really need to wait between shifts, otherwise you'll sand down the clutch :/. This is livable, but kind of a shame, as the car could pull much quicker 0-60 times and be much more sporty.

Fuel economy is out of this world! I've achieved 65-69mpg average doing 60mph continuously with the A/C off a few times. It's not unusual to see 50mpg+ if speeds are kept to 65mph on the highway. The EPA fuel economy is wildly understated; in order to see 40mpg average, you need to be cruising along at over 80mph or be doing 70-75 with the A/C on.

The computer's suggestions on what gear to be in are often wrong. If followed, you will see subpar fuel economy. Always be in as high of a gear as possible.

I picked this car over a Honda Insight hybrid because the highway fuel economy numbers were eye popping, and the cost of the car was $7k less.

Comfort and interior space are good for a car of this size. Nobody's complained about room in the back. I do not like how the seats force you to hunch your neck forward though... a 12+ hour road trip can hurt.

The car is very aesthetically pleasing... in my opinion, it's the best looking econobox out there.

I will update this review as time goes on. But so far, so good.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2020

12th Jan 2020, 04:18

Well written review :)