1975 Triumph Stag 151 cid Pontiac


I gave it five stars and that's from an experience with a $500 clunker


The odometer cable broke.

Exhaust cracked, heated up the floorboard and caught the rear seat on fire.

Radiator cracked.

Driver side power window motor is extremely weak.

Splined wires are dangerous if not maintained.

General Comments:

The car is a basket case, but I love it anyway. Like most Stags in the US, it's had a hard life. I can't comment on performance numbers as the original motor and gearbox were gone by the time I took ownership. Currently, it has a 151 cid motor/tranny from a '75 Pontiac Sunbird. Don't ask me why they chose that combo, I have no idea! Fortunately, it seems to have been a wise choice. The power is not much below the 3.0 V8 that it replaced and the slush box 3 speed GM is on par with the Stag auto box. There is a weight difference that shows in the front ride height, but the glory of this refit is all the original engine mounts are intact. There is an added cross member below for the gearbox to bolt to, but it's an add on rather than a cut and fit. Very nice for going back to the original parts at some date. Gas mileage is excellent.

Anyway I digress, but the car is awesome and I would have certainly liked to acquire one in better shape. The price was right though, I got her for $500 USD. :O)

The interior appointments are spartan, but well done. The seats seem to hold up very well although the door panels and dash are a bit fragile.

The hardtop is extremely heavy and the soft top frame is a bit unwieldy and fragile, although one of the more leak proof among the British lines I've owned.

The wire wheels that were fitted were in a sorry state when I took ownership and the splines were all, but rusted away. I put it in reverse once and spun the wheel off. In my opinion, splined wires are dangerous. Wires in general are a pain if they aren't "true". I fitted a nice set of "Panasport" style rims and am enjoying a much smoother ride.

What else can I say? I guess if you're considering one and are sitting on the fence, don't, these cars are awesome if not a bit eccentric like all British cars.

I give it Five Stars! And that's from an experience with a $500 clunker.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 20th August, 2004