1978 Triumph TR7 hardtop 4-spd


Beauty is only skin deep


Too much to remember went wrong with this somewhat attractive, but unreliable car. I sold it after it had only 8000 miles on it.

Manual transmission had to be taken apart because a gear lost its teeth when the car popped out of gear while parking.

Wire cable windshield wiper actuator had to changed more frequently than the rubber wiper blades.

Front windshield cracked when repairman leaned on it!

Head gasket replaced at 3000 miles when it blew 200 miles away from home.

Plastic rear interior deck warped like crazy on an 80 degree day.

Radiator had to be replaced when standard US antifreeze plugged it solid.

Valve noise at 5000 miles that dealer servicing never corrected.

Wheel lug sheared off when changing a tire. (What kind of metal alloys did they use?)

General Comments:

If you are running one of these contraptions today, your reasons have nothing to do with practicality and low maintenance costs.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2002

12th Oct 2006, 20:45

You know it would have been a little nicer cruising on the American highways if the 4 cyl had been matched to a 5 spd transmission. By '76 cheaper economy cars had a 5 spd manual as the standard.