2018 Volkswagen Atlas S 2.0T TSI


Wouldn't be happier if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet


The latch mechanism in the driver door came loose, door would not close properly.

3 recalls so far, but the dealer repairs promptly with great service.

General Comments:

We needed a 3rd row vehicle because our 3 sons are growing and need their space. The Atlas was much less expensive than most other large SUVs with third rows. We were really happy with the price.

I wasn't expecting much performance from the 2.0t TSI engine due to the size of the vehicle, but it's quite peppy, and doesn't slow down while cruising up inclines on the freeway. The highway fuel mileage is great, averaging around 25 MPG. For the size of the vehicle, you can't beat it.

It requires synthetic oil which is pricey, that's the reason for a less than perfect rating on operating cost. I don't like the automatic start/stop feature, and would like a fold down arm rest with cup holders for the rear seat.

Overall a great vehicle, great value, fun to drive, and room for 7.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2019

27th Jan 2019, 04:49

Volkswagens tend to be demanding of their oil. Use synthetic oil, or wish you did ;)

Question: Is this a Front Wheel Drive drivetrain?

27th Jan 2019, 22:48

Oil consumption can be prevented in many modern cars by breaking in the vehicle correctly. For the first thousand or so miles, don't keep the engine at the same RPM for a long time, vary the engine speed to the rings wear properly.

10th Feb 2019, 04:37

Good point.

Many people overlook the benefits of a proper break in. Not wise.

Having said that, Volkswagens (and some other vehicles) tend to very challenging to their oil.

I'm not sure that it is an issue of too much heat rejection to the oil baking the oil, or poor crankcase ventilation that leads to sludge in the oil.

10th Feb 2019, 06:09

Sorry, I haven't checked up on the comments for a while. Yes, it's front wheel drive. I've had a couple VW Jettas in the past, and an Audi A4, so I've learned the oil lesson.