Cabrio GL

All-time favorite car. Fun, fun to drive

385 words

Cabrio GLE 2.0 4 cylinder

The VW Cabrio could have been one of the GREAT cars... but..

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It made life fun

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Cabrio GLS 2.0L 4 cylinder.

A rare convertible that is sure to turn heads... but be in the shop as well

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Cabrio GLS 2.0

Serious quality concerns. Unreliable

51 words

Cabrio Highline

This is one fun, reliable convertible!

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Cabrio GLS 2.0 Liter, Inline 4

Built with the care of a 3rd world plumbing system

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Cabrio GL 2.0

Great car

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Cabrio Highline 4 cylinder

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Cabrio GLS 2.0

Quarantine yourself from THIS plague!

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Cabrio GLS 2.0

Super fun, but wait for a reliable year!

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Cabrio GLS really crappy one


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Cabrio GL 2.0

A Costly Mistake

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It is fun to drive, but painful to maintain

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