1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 1.8 Supercharged


Beautiful, if only VW built it longer


Air Conditioning needed new condenser and drier. at 55,000 miles.

Lost all engine coolant at 55,030 miles. Freeze plugs in engine block needed replacing at a few pennies for each of the three - labour was 3 hours though!

General Comments:

Bought car in Germany. Disappointed by top speed only around 130mph due to low top gear for US spec car. Had top gear changed to the Golf diesel's and the charger rebuilt to RS spec and minor work on electronics, both of which result in a lot more pep. Acceleration now very quick. Top speed on German autobahn was off the 140mph speedo at 6,500 revs. Top gear now gives 25mph/1,000 revs so top speed a little over 160mph. Not bad for a 1.8 litre engine... he he...

Will get a 1995 VR6 when I return to Germany. These have airbags just in case.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G-60 1.9L supercharged


German Perfection


Nothing has gone wrong, but I have relpaced the clutch due to an upgrade to Nitrous Oxide.

General Comments:

This car rocks! It is one of the fastest production cars I have ever owned. Volkswagen really did their homework on this one.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2004

4th Apr 2004, 14:12

The only problem with Corrados are the fact that I keep hitting the back of them, Paying an excess of £300 for a piece of scaringly crap quality bumper.

Still they are nice to drive.

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 1.8 supercharged


A fun car in stock form, but an absolute rocket and a back road dream after a few add ons


Drivers side switch that turns the dome light on and off when the door opens quit, I haven't fixed it yet.

Replaced the 3 engine mounts with hi performance replacements, this cost about $700.00 for the parts alone and $300.00 for the labor.

The transmission likes to stick in reverse gear, this is due to the type of clutch disk used from the factory.

Replaced the clutch at the same time for $300.00 for parts and another $200.00 in labor.

Bushing fell out of the shifter rod linkage, after about an hour of trying to retrieve it with very long needle nose pliers, I put it back in and replaced the cotter pin that somehow came out, Do Not shift these cars hard.

Even after proper front end alignment it continues to eat front tires in 20 to 30,000 miles.

General Comments:

Over all I love this car and have added some performance modifications to it.

Smaller diamiter pulley and matched cam shaft and computer chip $750.00.

Full german spec exhaust $650.00.

New Speed springs, and Billstein shocks $1100,00.

These modifications have brought the power up to around 210 hp.

It now leaves VR6 cars way back in the rear view mirror with ease.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2003

12th Oct 2005, 14:37

Just shows what you can do with the underrated G60!

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 1.8 Super Charged


Fun and high spirited


Gas hose leak. Two months worth figuring out where it was coming from, but $2.00 worth a new hose at a local Auto parts store.

Supercharger rebuild, it was already done when I bought the car.

Leak on the passenger side floor when it rains really hard.

Small exhaust leak.

My breaks are starting to rub.

When I first bought the car, the engine would only run on 2 or 3 cylinders at a time, $120 later on 4 new spark plugs fixed that.

The headliner has completely detached itself from the roof.

General Comments:

The car stays on the road like there is super glue attached to the wheels, and I still only have stock suspension.

I love the looks I get when driving down the street, half of them are for the car, the other half is probably for me, (not many girls behind the wheel of a Corr ado!)

When things do go wrong I feel like I need another job to pay for the parts.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2002

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G-60 1.8L Supercharged


A quirky car that is extremely fun to drive


I had to replace the water pump after I first bought the car... and it still leaks.

Replaced both CV joints and half shafts.

Replaced the battery.

Horrible vibration during acceleration. I still don't know what is causing this.

I will soon need exhaust work in the amount of $1200.00.

General Comments:

I am having difficulty finding anyone that knows about these cars in order to properly service it.

The vibration during acceleration is annoying, especially since no once can figure out what it is. Possibly the clutch assembly needs to be replaced and the flywheel resurfaced.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2002

30th Sep 2004, 00:04

The vibration is most likely due to a broken motor mount. There are 3 motor mounts on the 90 G60 and they can be purchased online reasonably. Chances are it is the RT side mount, especially if the vibration is on the passenger side.

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 1.8 supercharged


A great car with lots of potential


My motor mount broke.

My fog lights were cracked when I got the car - common problem.

Engine coolant temp sensor was replaced.

Some ground wiring was bad and was replaced.

Air/Fuel mixture problem.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable.

Although it lacks low end power, a supercharger pulley, performance computer, and intake really do help.

It handles like no other car, it is, in my opinion the best handling car.

Currently my car is getting too much gas and not enough air, making it run rich, and finding someone to figure out what is wrong with it has been horrible.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001

16th Dec 2001, 18:28

The problem with the fuel mixture may be that you have a bad oxygen sensor. The one on my '89 Golf went out and it had the same problem. One way to test this is to unplug the sensor and then the car should run better.

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 1.8 supercharged


A high maintenance beauty


Sunroof would no longer retract itself.

Speed sensitive spoiler would no longer work.

Supercharger required a rebuild.

Water drain would get obstructed with debris (leaves, dirt...) and the passenger side would get flooded.

The headlights and fog lights cracked.

The rod bearings needed to be replaced.

The wipers never worked properly.

Heater core recall had to be performed.

General Comments:

The car is very quick and handles extremely well.

The 1.8 engine is surprisingly strong and mileage is unaffected by minor modifications like the air intake or the computer chip.

The car is a pleasure to drive and turns quite a few heads.

Unfortunately, maintenance is very expensive.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2001