Corrado VR6 2.8

Sexy and the sound of a VR6!

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Corrado SLC VR6 2.8

If you get the opportunity to own this car once in your life DO IT.

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Corrado VR6

Undeniable Virility and Adrenaline in a Car

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Corrado SLC 2.8 VR6

All around great car

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Corrado SLC VR6

This is one of Volkswagen's finest cars ever produced

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Corrado SLC/VR6 2.8 VR6

This car ROCKS. Easily the coolest VW on the pavement

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Corrado SLC 2.8 VR6

The most unique and powerful VW

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Corrado SLC VR6 2.9L VR6

The most awesome car known to (wo) man

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Corrado SLC VR6

Great if you have the money

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Corrado SLC 2.8 VR6

The world's cheapest Porsche in VW wrappings

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Corrado VR6 2.8 V6

Nice ride, but too expensive to maintain

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Corrado SLC 2.8L VR6

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