Jetta GL 1.6 turbo diesel

A good Mk 2 turbo diesel is dependable, easy & cheap to fix, and a great car for short trips in town

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Jetta GL 1.8

German garbage mobile

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Jetta GL 1.8 8v

I trust this car

70 words

Jetta GL 1.8 Gas

Cheap reliable car

115 words

Jetta TDI

Great little car

174 words

Jetta GL 1.8 SOHC

Great job Volkswagen

107 words

Jetta Wolsberg 1.6

Out of 20 cars I've owned, this was the worst

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Jetta GL 1.8L gas

Fine design, highly reliable and cheap to fix

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Jetta GL 1.8L Gasoline

German engineering at its best

107 words

Jetta GL 4 cylinder

The best little car I ever bought

104 words

Jetta GLI Wolfsburg 8v

The ultimate reliable sport sedan!

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With a little love they are great cars

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Jetta GL 1.6 diesel

Buy It

38 words

Jetta GL 1.8

Nice commuter car

153 words

Jetta GL 1.8 SOHC

This car is a wonderfully built machine

108 words

Jetta GL 1.8

An affordable long-term car

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Jetta GL Wolfsburg Ed. 1.8

I love Volkswagens

111 words

Jetta GL Wolfsburg 1.8 4 cylinder

Very reliable

38 words

Jetta GL 1.8 gas

Performance, very solid engine, equipment

185 words

Jetta GLI 1.8 SOHC

A quick, stylish, and reliable ride

66 words

Jetta GLS 1.8 gas

Extremely well engineered and reliable

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Jetta 1.6 diesel

Very economical and extremely reliable

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