1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0


This car is a maintenance headache and money drain


My radio has gone out three times.

I have replaced all 4 windows and regulators.

I have replaced the evaporator and condenser.

My headlight switch was replaced.

Mt automatic door lock switch was replaced.

General Comments:

This car has been wonderful from an engine-mechanical standpoint; but from an electrical system and other auxiliary system stanpoint is has been very expensive to own.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 4 cylinder 2L


Excellent all around vehicle


This is my 4th VW and I love them. My current vehicle is a 96 VW Jetta GLS and I purchased it new. The problems I have had are with the window regulators -- they all have gone out. The first time I took it to the dealer (huge mistake) to be repaired and it cost close to $400. You can easily buy them on the web (about 50 bucks) for much cheaper and having a local shop put them in.

You all should keep in mind that this is an 11 year old car. They will have problems at this age. I have had O2 sensor problems and the dealer replaced one and wanted my first born to pay for it. That was the last time I went to the dealer. But that happened when the car was about 8 years old.

My A/C compressor went out, but I had the whole thing repaired and replaced for about $250. I purchased a salvaged compressor over the web. My cruise control has an intermittent issue as well, but I haven't even had that checked. I have figured out a way to make it work when I really need it to work.

Yesterday, my door latch spring broke on the driver door and now I am looking to find a used one from a salvage yard to have a local shop put it in.

My biggest suggestion for all of you is to STOP having it repaired by the dealer. I could understand if it was a new car, but it is too old to be spending that kind of money on it at the dealer.

I have spent about $1500 on major repairs -- not counting the normal oil changes and stuff like that. In my opinion, that is not bad for 11 years and a car that runs great. I get 35 mpg and I am still on the original clutch. It still looks great and people are always asking me if I would sell it.

I have always made sure that the routine maintenance has been kept up on the car and I take care of it. Love your Dub and it will love you. My next car will be another Jetta except it will be diesel.

General Comments:

As I said, this is my 4th VW and I am completely satisfied. One of my Jettas was purchased in Europe and it ran forever and still would be running except it was totalled in an accident.

Remember -- on a vehicle this old, don't use the dealer for repairs. Salvaged parts for those major repairs are a good option if you are looking to save some cash.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2007

1996 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 gas


I love v-dubs


Upon purchase of the car, the seats were slightly worn, however no other such problems were evident..

Previous owner stated that his 23 year old daughter often used the car to drive back and forth to school (college), however she disliked the car as it was a standard... poor V-Dub.

It moved on to see many a better day... with my Dad behind the wheel.

To put it on the road, it required an e-test, which is required on all used vehicles in Ontario, within 3 months of a E-test under a different owner's name. It passed with flying colors.

Approx 124000k, I broke the beloved car's rear cup holder. Sorry. I mended the wound with a simple readjustment..

Approx 132000k, it wouldn't start. At the cottage however CAA covered all charges and towed the car 150k to get the car serviced. A minor glitch in the ignition wires. Rebuilt for $120, with a needed oil change, oil filter, air filter top ups, the whole deal.

Approx 134000k, Dad put on needed winter tires. Asked about a rumbling in the rear. Slightly loud and rough in the rear end at high speeds. Ended up being a bent rim. Weird one bent rims. Replaced in the summer (after winter) 60$ from a scrap yard. The brake job is maintenance. Nothing wrong with the car. Don't know how much.

Approx 140000K, a problem with the electric trunk opener. It was a sprung spring in the motor mechanism. My Dad replaced it from the scrap yard for $15.

Approx 145000k, minor computer problem. Turned out to be an oxygen sensor. Replaced for $130 plus $40 for the computer read out. VW tester drove the car, and said the rear wheel bearings would need replacing. Also said that the car seemed to be slightly sluggish. Mentioned it could be the cat, as the oxygen wasn't working (the service guy was driving a new 1.8T.. no wonder our 2.0N/A was slow)

Service guys were right. Soon after, the bearings went, costing 350$ total.

Currently nothing has really come up in the last 25000K. It's amazing on gas, and extremely peppy for its 115 hp. Wow, with the above and other minor fixes, the repairs in the last 6 years have been under $1500.

We currently have some minor leakage (combo of oil, trans and coolant). I'll get under the car sometime and tighten everything up. As for the coolant, one of the hoses that wraps around the block has some minor wear (the coolant leak). Needs eventual replacement.

General Comments:

I occasionally drive the car. When I do, I love it. Stick mostly. I drive a slow as.. well Chrysler 3spd auto.

The V-dub's a treat. Dad can't think of any other car to buy. In the next few weeks he's getting a 03 Jetta 1.8T. And I may just get the 96.

I dunno whether we purchased a good one of the few, but the car is a dream in every aspect.


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Review Date: 3rd June, 2007