2002 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan


Fun car to drive.. economical


Radio stopped working.

Air bag light (sensor).

Moon roof would not open.

General Comments:

The car is great other than a few problems.

Radio has a fuse located directly on the back of the radio. Small number 10 fuse. Replaced and works great.

Still searching for airbag problem.

Moon roof just started working fine one day.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Jetta


Horrible customer service


The radio went out 2 days ago on my 2002 Jetta. Went to the mechanic, he told me the fuses were fine. Sent me to a car stereo dealer - he offered to replace the radio for $250. Called Volkswagen, would not give me any information about what was wrong or costs until I came in with the car. Googled the problem, and thank you!!!

Went outside at 9.30pm in the rain to remove fuse #42 and replace 25 seconds later - and the radio was working fine. Thank you for helping me save money -- and I will NEVER buy another Volkswagon again! Customer service is horrible and have had the problems listed on this website relating to the 2002 Jetta. Thank you again.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 TDI turbo diesel


A lot of maintenance issues


Replaced my oil pan and plug at 130,000. I have had no problem according to the last four oil replacements, and now I have just replaced both because the plug was stripped. I paid close to $700.00 to do that. Does this happen with all Jetta's or is this a tech problem because of torque applied. Has this been reported by other people??? Does anyone know how I can see if this is a common problem?

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T


I have a 2002 Jetta that recently flooded on the passenger side. I appreciate everyone's comments and I'm going to look into fixing it.

One tip that I have for everyone to assist in drying out their car and also dealing with the odor and growth of mold is to use DAMP-RID. You can buy it at Target or Walgreens. People that live in damp climates hang this in their closets to prevent mold. I used it after the car flooded the first time and it made a HUGE difference, especially with the smell. Unfortunately, the car just flooded again. (First time I just thought I must have accidentally left the window cracked).

General Comments:

I love my car, but it has had tons of electrical issues and now the flooding. If I can't fix it, I'm going to sell it.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0


Expensive car to own, but fun


Side window randomly fell into the door.

Tail lights are constantly going out as well as head lights.

Radio just turned off one day and will not come back on.

General Comments:

Car seems to be good, although if anything goes wrong... be ready to pay a lot to get it fixed.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.7 turbo gas


Most costly mistake I have ever made!


Jan 08 - Fuel pump went out.

June 08 - Secondary fan broke and cut the hose to the secondary water pump.

Aug 08 - Latch on center console broke off.

Nov 08 - All 4 coils had to be replaced.

Dec 08 - Glove box latch fell off one day.

Jan 09 - Both wiring harnesses had to be replaced, throttle body went out and had to be replaced, ECM went out and had to be replaced, O2 sensor wiring went bad and had to be replaced, TCM is going out and has to be replaced soon.

General Comments:

After a 5 car rollover accident in my beloved 4runner, which we walked away from with only a scratch, I had to replace it with something economical for gas mileage. I had always heard that Volkswagens were very safe and dependable vehicles. I found this beautiful one for sale and quickly did the deal.

I love the perkiness and sportiness of this car, and got great gas mileage (I drive 32 miles one way to work)

I have heard from several owners about the crayon smell, and yes my Jetta has it as well. As I have 2 kiddos it really doesn't bother me.

What does bother me is the level of customer service from Volkswagen. I have never in my life had such horrible customer service ranging from the mfg down to the service writers. The technicians who are master mechanic's keep forgetting to do things to the car that are standard. WOW... And here is my journey so far:

My first problem was after owning the car for a couple of months, the fuel pump went out. I chocked it up to buying a used car with 80,000 miles on it and continued on down the road. Cost for this $785.00 including tow.

A couple of months later, the secondary fan blade broke and it cut the hose to my secondary water pump. Came to find out, this is a common problem due to the secondary fan not being protected from road debris and the hose and water pump being clamped right above the fan blades. This issue cost $1500.00 for all three things to be replaced.

The very next month, the latch on the center console broke off, irritating but have not replaced yet because I am looking for one used.

Now is when the fun starts. In Dec. 08 all 4 coils went out one by one to the tune of $585.00 including tow. However, come to find out the reason they all 4 failed is the wiring harnesses (yes there are 2) were faulty and caused an electrical surge that blew them out. So those have to be replaced $ 2240.00. When the wiring harness went out it also caused a surge to the throttle body and fried it ($898.00), ECM got fried as well, but at this point I am stressing on the service writer extremely hard so he found a salvaged one to use for me ($499.00). He then tells me that also during the surge that the TCM got damaged but is still operational, so I have a little bit of time to save up the ($1,000) it will cost to have it replaced. I take my now not so loved car home.

I wake up the next morning and get in my car to go to work, and it doesn't start. Came to find out they were supposed to reprogram all the keys to the new ECM and only programed the valet key. Once you use the wrong key it shuts the entire electrical system down. So back to the dealership my car goes on a tow truck. They graciously reset both keys for me for no charge.

The death knoll on the love affair I have had with this car is ringing. As soon as I find another 4Runner for me to love, my Jetta will become a not so very fond memory, but a lesson learned. I will never buy another VW of any kind for any reason.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

16th Jul 2009, 14:28

Wow, I can sympathize with you. I purchased a 2002 Jetta Turbo 2.0...with 89K. What a nightmare. After the first week it started to overheat and had to have it towed. The car dealership towed it in and replaced the water pump. I drove it home and the next day my son drove it and it overheated again. Once again we had it towed by dealership and they said an aftermarket water pump was used and you have to use Volkswagon parts only. Brought it home and drove it for a month and the transmission went out. Volkswagen said that it would cost up to 5,000.00. I said forget it and bought a used tranny from Dallas Texas for 1800.00 and had it installed for 600.00. The car continued to have problems and was towed two more times, and we finally called the dealership and he made it right with us by buying the car back, but we lost the cost of the tranny. Oh well, I think in the long run we are better off getting rid of it. I feel sorry for the poor soul that ended up with it. The car is assembled in Mexico, what does that tell you.