2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8t


If you own this car, sell it and never buy a VW again!


New clutch at 65k miles, ignition coils went out one by one, electrical problems including power lock glitches, AC/heat dash would not light up sometimes, small plastic components started to break, for example the arm rest components. Ditch this car!

General Comments:

I think the above comments speak for themselves. I know all cars will have problems, but it just never seemed to end with this car. My cousin had the same car/year everything, and she had even more problems, including the windows falling into the doors without cause.

It is fun to drive, the turbo makes it speedy and the suspension is tight, but it's just not worth all the problems.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2011

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0


I love my Jetta :)


I take good care of my VW Jetta -- regular oil changes, Shell gas, etc.

Recently, car would not start. Went to Auto Zone; they did a free diagnostic check and reported the battery was good. Took it to a local shop, and they said it was probably a mechanical problem with the fuse box that's located on top of the battery. They said it could cost over $1,000 to repair because it's a VW.

I researched the Internet, and read a lot of reports of simple fixes to various problems, like removing a fuse, waiting a minute, then putting it back in and it would work again. But I couldn't find a simple fix for my car not starting regularly.

Nevertheless, the idea came to mind that my "starting" problem might be something simple, too, and I might get lucky and not have to spend a ton of money to fix it, if I just kept reading. After all, sometimes it would start, sometimes not, but a jump always got it started. Well, I read on, and on, and nothing. I thought about it some more... it's got to be something simple... well, it was. I had parked it on an incline with engine pointing upward -- not good. So, I started backing it up into my parking spot with the engine pointing downward, so that everything would drain toward the front. Now, it starts fine every time.

Apparently, it was something simple. It wasn't removing a fuse that fixed it -- it was parking it at a downward slope.

I hope this works for you.

Also, insofar as the free diagnostic from Auto Zone -- awesome, because now I have an idea of what to expect for repairs needed. Down side -- even though I had the free diagnostic, most shops gave me a hard time and tried to charge me over $100 for their own diagnostic check. They refused to change the temp sensor without doing their own diagnostic check. One guy -- a foreigner ---- started yelling at me because I told him what I wanted repaired on my car, so I left.

If you find an honest mechanic, he is worth his weight in GOLD.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2011

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 turbo


This car describes a thin line between love and hate


I was beyond ecstatic to get this car. It looks awesome.

VERY shortly after my purchase, things started to fall apart. The sun roof gets stuck, & I have to turn the knob back and forth to get it to work. The rear window washer fluid leaks into the car. Sometimes when I come to a stop, the car will cut off. It will also chug & jerk as I start to slow down.

If I hit a bump too hard, the car beeps three times, then when I turn it off, it resets itself. I.e. clock to 12:00, trip meter to 0, etc. Then when I go to start it... no go. The blinkers click constantly. I have to POP the hood, remove the battery cover, jiggle the wires, then PULL THE LEVER FOR THE BRIGHTS to try and reset everything, and my car may or may not start.

The latch on the center console is broken, so I cannot lift it too high, or the contents will fall out.

The rear window defrost, works when it wants to.

The passenger side heated seat suddenly stopped working.

The cup holder is in the most ridiculous place ever... above the CD player. I cannot even turn it up, down, change stations, or anything if I have a drink. It's more convenient to inconveniently hold my drink.

If my car is running and I open the back hatch, all the doors lock once I close it.??? Really... why?

These are a few of the many things going on with my car. I have had it only year now, & am more than ready to get rid of it.

Never again. :(

General Comments:

This car is a very fast car with great get up and go. I adore the way it handles, & rely on it. However, it's hard to trust this vehicle on long distance trips.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2011