2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8


Big Joke!


New, engine would stall on restarts after running for a long period of time. Example, difficult starting the car after shopping. Dealer said it was bad gas.

Engine continues to have problems on restarts. Dealer: Identified faulty coils.

Same problem with restarts, dealer replaced another coil. They only change the ones that they find are bad.

Changed coils again.

Problems with restarting, dealer indicated that it maybe something else. Dealer kept the vehicle for four days, no problems were found.

Tail lights go out then come on. Dealer found no problems, they indicated that I need to bring it in when the lights are out.

Sun visor broken. Cheap plastic! Dealer replaced.

Want to get a different vehicle, but can't afford it.

Radio went out, Dealer replaced.

Blower motor makes noise when temp. falls below 40 degrees. Dealer says, "normal".

Check engine light comes on then goes out. Faulty coolant sensor.

Engine won't start! Went to the store and the car wouldn't start. Tried for an hour before towing to the dealer. Dropped off at the dealer and the vehicle started. Dealer would not cover the towing expenses because they couldn't find any problem. "It must be in my head"

Car died on the road driving home from the dealer after the tow. Walked back to the dealer and explained that my car doesn't like me! They connected a tester to the engine and said that the oxygen sensor is faulty.

Engine runs good. It only took 30'000 mile for them to get it right.

Transmission is slipping when cold. Dealer indicated that they will replace it when it fails.

50'000 miles warranty expired. Unknown to me I thought I purchased an extended package and had the paperwork. Dealer indicated that everyone receives the paperwork, the extended warranty needs to be in the system and is not.

52'000 miles, transmission failed. Only will drive in 1st. gear. I have the 5 spd automatic and will only do 20 MPH in 1st. gear. Dealer says they will be glad to replace the transmission, unfortunately, at my cost since the warranty has expired.

Don't have the money to fix and no buyers. I purchased a Plymouth Horizon for $600.00. The best car I ever had.

General Comments:

Very dis-hearted by the whole experience.

I have always had used vehicles and was so pleased to purchase a new car. I thought I was buying a quality vehicle that would last me a decade. unfortunately I was mistaken.

The car was fun to drive during those few days when everything was working.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2004

5th Mar 2005, 10:31

Ask the dealer to give you a "black box" that they can plug in and record the error codes as you drive the vehicle. May be what you need to pinpoint the problems...

19th Dec 2011, 13:54

Since you posted your problems, there have been a lot of issues with the 5 speed Tiptronic, and VW has done nothing to help anyone. Other issues that are becoming more common are cooling, overheating due to the fans not working. There seems to be a known issue regarding why the fan are not coming on, but no official fix by VW.

Basically, if you insist on purchasing a German car, then get one that is made in Germany, and not Mexico. Oh and also, the same as with everything else, cheaper is not better when it comes to Euro cars. If you can't afford a BMW, then steer clear of Europe, and buy a Honda or Acura!

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T GLS 1.8T


A high performance bargain at a price


Since new it has been in twice for warranty work on the coils, luckily I have not had to tow it either time. The stereo quit working on a Friday and Monday it started working again as I pulled into the dealer. It has a few annoying rattles that I have been told to live with. The clear-coat is pealing on the bumper from a couple of rock dings.

General Comments:

It is fun to drive. It corners better than others that I have owned. The turbo lag takes a bit to get used to though. But when it kicks in...whew!!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004