2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (PD) 1.9 turbo diesel


I bought it for an economical, high mileage vehicle, and it's proven cost effective for me


Fuel filler defect.

Right front window off track, due to ice.

Turbo quit.

General Comments:

I either have had very good luck with my TDI or maintained it properly, or a little of both. The three defects above, were not too costly. The fuel tank was replaced under warranty, which did not fix the problem. There is a clapper valve in the filler tube, which needs to be maneuvered into a certain position in order to fully fill the tank.

The window problem was corrected by me, the dealer said it would cost approximately $200.00 to fix it to their spec. I can live with not using it during cold weather, otherwise it works fine.

The turbo, was a wire problem. The wire was reattached and soldered.

The only other thing is routine maintenance. Oil changes every 5,000 miles. Using only recommended oil first 200000 miles, now I use 5-30 synthetic, which seems to work just fine.

I messed up like a lot of people, I know, not reading the manual all the way through. I didn't realize the timing belt needed to be replaced at 90,000 miles. I changed it at 242000, it was in very good shape, but glad I didn't go another 100,000 miles; had tiny cracks developing on it.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2010

2004 Volkswagen Jetta


Handles well and efficient, but VW should man up


I had to replace the CD player under warranty.

I have had to replace half a dozen brake tail light bulbs, even after the recall for the brake switch was fixed.

Warranty work on the power windows.

My interior lights, such as the temperature/heat controls, no longer work.

The radio no longer works, and twice they have told me it will take over 4 hours just to find the problem, at $90 per hour labor, then more money after that to actually fix whatever is broken.

This week I learned that I needed an O2 sensor and they wanted $500 to fix it. (VW that is).

I have also experienced that 2nd into 3rd gear clunk that is becoming known by so many VW owners. While it was under warranty, they informed me it was no problem and could not replicate it. Now that it is not covered, they want me to pay $600 to replace the pan and all that goes with it, but assured me I should need a new transmission within the year for $3000.

My other mechanic (not related to VW) assured me this is not a reasonable solution, and I should take it elsewhere.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2010

2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 1.9 PD turbo diesel


Great fuel economy when it's not broken


Interior trim is falling apart at an alarming rate.

Driver's side heated seat no longer works.

Have replaced 2 fuel lines after they exploded fuel all over the engine.

EGR tube broke in half, causing an exhaust leak before the turbo, and leaving the car stranded 100 miles from home.

Air bag light came on for no reason, dealer wants $200 to clear the code and won't tell me what the issue was to start with. OBD II scan tools will not clear the code, as it's stored in a separate computer.

I have had the key replaced twice for faulty anti-theft transmitters that prevent the car from starting.

Fuel lift pump failed, leaving the car on the side of the road AGAIN.

Cam shafts are starting to show serious signs of wear, even after using VW 505.01 special oil.

General Comments:

DON'T buy this car! Any benefits of great fuel economy will be overshadowed by the ridiculous repair bills you will be facing to keep this turd on the road. The car has left my wife and infant son stranded on more than one occasion, which is why we sold it after only 20k miles.

Do some research into the cam wear issues, and VW's track record when it comes to taking responsibility for their poorly designed over-priced clunker.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2010