2010 Volkswagen Jetta Limited Edition 2.5L 5 cylinder


Safe, suave European design


Passenger front window came off its track when somebody slammed the door really hard with the window down. Dealer repaired it, but the window went up slower ever since. Also, when using one-touch up, sometimes that window would slow and then reverse, due to the increased resistance.

Occasionally, the car would refuse to start no matter how long you turned it over. Releasing the key and trying again would always cure the problem. Dealer could not replicate the problem.

Airbag light came on unexpectedly after a very hard stop (deer ran out in front of the vehicle, no impact). Light went out on its own, and never came back on.

Rear mudflap and lower side bumper panel became loose. Dealer fixed.

General Comments:

I bought this car new, and planned to keep it for a long time, but unfortunately I totaled the car. Icy roads caused me to not make it around a corner, resulting in the car hitting multiple trees, becoming airborne, and flipping down a 40' embankment. The car landed on its roof and was heavily damaged; I walked away without a scratch.

That being said, I really liked this car. The 5-cylinder engine had plenty of power; the handling was extremely precise. The brakes were smooth and strong; the ride quality was quite good for a small car.

The fuel economy was good, but not as good as I had hoped. My previous vehicle was a 2000 MKIV Jetta 2.0L manual, and this car returned better fuel economy than the MKV Jetta. Also, my current 2012 GTI gets considerably better economy than my Jetta did. Still, low to mid 20 MPG range was the norm in town, and 30+ MPG was possible on the highway. My best MPG was about 35 MPG. However, the Jetta runs on regular fuel, whereas the GTI does not.

The interior of the Jetta was very nice... good quality materials and good fit and finish. So much better than the MKVI Jetta that was introduced in 2011. I loved the small things that the Jetta offered... the little red LED mood lights in the roof, the one-touch up/down windows for all, the front footwell lights, the electric trunk and fuel door releases, the fact that virtually every switch was illuminated at night, including the overhead light switches! The cooled glovebox, the multi-position center armrest, and my favorite feature; the one-tap turn signals.

The truck is very large, and uses the articulating-strut type hinges, not the cheap goosenecks found on most cars (including the MKVI Jetta). The headliner and pillars is made from a nice woven material. The trunk and glovebox are nicely finished.

The audio system that came with the car was basic (single CD and basic display), but actually sounded quite good. I upgraded by installing VW's own Premium VIII color touchscreen unit, which comes with the excellent SD card reader option. The iPod integration that comes with the car is awful. Although it provides a nice spot for the iPod to sit in the center console, it does not charge the iPod, and the track controls are horrible.

I would recommend a MKV Jetta to anyone. The styling is excellent; the car looks and feels like the upscale car it is. I installed an AWE Tuning catback exhaust system to the vehicle which improved the sound, power, and actually helped fuel economy slightly. Most importantly, I can attest this is a very safe vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2012

2010 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0 turbo


New VWs are JUNK!


Vehicle had 2 body panels repainted at the factory due to a paint defect. The panels do not match the rest of the car.

Engine noise began at 5k miles.

General Comments:

The car handles well and is pretty quick. Although VW does not have very good quality compared to other manufacturers.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2011

24th Feb 2012, 07:06

If by new, you mean built since the 80's, then you're right. I've owned them for 20+ years, and they never seem to learn. Never again.

25th Jul 2016, 01:55

VW doesn't deserve its buyers. They sold you a diesel that emits 30-40 times the allowed emissions. You went green. They went GREEN $$$$$$$$$. Now if I were to defraud the system, I would be in jail as I write. Yet VW CEOs will be allowed to defraud America, & the company will pay. VW & Audi bilked the customers, & hopefully they will pay. As far as build quality, the Jetta falls apart, the dash buttons, the A/C... junk.