2003 Volkswagen LT 35 GLI 2.8


Great car to drive, but the electrical gremlins are becoming too much


Passenger side window stopped working.

Stereo stopped working.

Cigarette lighter has never worked, and won't work even with replaced fuses.

Brake light is out and drains the battery if replaced.

Driver's side door latch is failing, which means the door open chime comes on randomly along with the interior lights.

Check engine light is permanently on for no reason.

Moon-roof sometimes has random issues with closing (as in it won't). Luckily I've eventually gotten it to close after a few dozen attempts.

E-brake has issues, is stuck on sometimes and grinds when not on.

General Comments:

The car has tremendous power and is really fun to drive.

The transmission is great, but the brakes are weak, even after they've been replaced.

Going over small bumps in the road at low speeds results in all sorts of weird noises from under the car.

Overall it's a really nice car with either poor craftsmanship or poor engineering. Hopefully VW is working hard on their reliability issues, because at this point, the electrical issues are insane.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 19th June, 2009