1981 Volkswagen Pickup 1.6 diesel


A truck like no other..


Engine needed replacement due to used car dealer's malfeasance... still the engine lasted a year before that. Has a 1.9 liter turbo-diesel without the turbo now.

Maintenance items like axles, suspension, drive belts, etc... NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with the engine... new diesel injector pump at 200K...

General Comments:

This is my THIRD VW pickup... crashed the first, 2nd was stolen, now this one... I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!! This one was a little slow (diesels aren't sports cars!!!) but the new pump GREATLY increased performance, though with a decrease in economy (not much though!!) It handles like a sports car even still...

Interior is a little cramped for passenger, but adequate for driver... good heater. VW is missing a HUGE opportunity by not bringing this model back again!!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2006

13th Feb 2007, 20:41

A great single person truck, handled great, terrific mileage (40-45) I had a topper on mine went everywhere with it. Wish they made them again.