Rabbit LX 1.6

Fun to drive, good mileage!

34 words, 3 comments

Rabbit LX 1.6L

Overall the car is fun to drive, and cheap to own

95 words

Rabbit Model L 1.5 diesel

Best car I ever invested in

120 words

Rabbit L 1.7 diesel

Best car ever made

61 words

Rabbit L 1.6L diesel

Most excellent economical long-lasting car

123 words

Rabbit L 1.6 diesel

An inexpensive car to drive

45 words, 5 comments

Rabbit Diesel L 1.6L diesel

A decent car

78 words

Rabbit Pickup Custom 1.6 diesel

The most reliable vehicle I ever owned, I will never part with it!

164 words, 2 comments

Rabbit Pickup LX 1.6 diesel

46 words, 1 comment