Rabbit LS 1.6 diesel

Your best friend on four wheels

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Rabbit C 1.6 diesel WVO

Old Rabbits do what they say they can

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Rabbit L 1.7 Gas

Great do-it-yourself kinda car

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Rabbit hatchback 1.6L diesel

Everything wears out, but the engine

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Rabbit LS 1.6L diesel

I would have to be out of my mind to even consider any other car than a Volkswagen Diesel

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A worthy heir to the Beetle

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Rabbit D 1.6 diesel

Most efficient and durable car you will ever buy

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Rabbit L 1.7 4 cylinder fuel injected

A fun little car. Even the non-GTI versions are much sportier than many things on the road

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Rabbit LS 1.6 gas

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