Rabbit S 2.5L

They don't make them like this anymore

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Rabbit 2.5L

Car was great before this; customer service at VW corporate is terrible and no longer recommended

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Rabbit S 2.5 liter gas

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Rabbit S 2.5L 5 cylinder

A very nice car for the price

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Rabbit Fully Loaded 4dr 2.5L

Best car for under $20k. Would buy again in a heartbeat

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Rabbit 2.5 litre 5 cylinder

It's not an economy car, and that's a good thing

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Rabbit S 2.5L I5

Great, fun car, which is a blast to drive daily and in the mountains

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Rabbit 2.5

Probably the best car in America under $25k

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Rabbit S 4dr 2.5L

Perfect car for young active people

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