2013 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 4Motion 2.0 turbo


Perfect combination of practicality, sportiness, handling, quality, elegance and safety



General Comments:

I got the SE 4Motion model with panoramic sunroof and navigation in black with light tan leatherette. It is absolutely elegant inside and out, with impeccable fit and finish. The interior is gorgeous, it is of a level you would find on a much more premium European car like a BMW or Mercedes (my previous car was a Mercedes). This model is manufactured in Germany, not Mexico like the previous Jetta I had a few years ago, which I think makes a difference.

The vehicle is very comfortable, it like pretty much all VW's I have driven, it has seats that almost anyone can get comfortable in, they tend to be on the firmer side, and can adjust for someone of virtually any size. I have driven my car on all day trips and have been comfortable the entire time. The ergonomics are quite good once you learn the layout. This car is packed with electronics and advanced features, and the owner's manual is VERY long; spend some time with it up front and you will learn all kinds of cool things this car can do for you.

The Tiguan handles amazingly well for a small SUV. It basically drives like a sports car; it's like having an SUV version of the GTI. It sticks to the road like Velcro and hugs the corners at high speed. The engine can sometimes sound rough, but it delivers plenty of power when and where you need it. I drive fairly aggressively and get around 21 MPG combined, and 26 MPG in highway driving.

I absolutely love everything about my Tiguan, I thoroughly enjoy driving it, and if I had to think of one negative thing to say about it, I guess it would be that I wish it had a little bit more cargo room, but I guess if I wanted more room I could have always gotten a Touareg.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2013

6th Oct 2013, 18:03

"it's like having an SUV version of the GTi"

That's because the Tiguan is actually just a Golf, but raised up and given a higher price. A 4-motion Golf will do almost everything better for less.

12th Oct 2013, 21:45

I don't believe the Golf is available with 4Motion in the USA. And the Tiguan does have a slight advantage with height/ground clearance over the Golf for when you live in a snowy climate or when you like greater visibility or easier entry/exit of the vehicle. This can be helpful for elderly, disabled, or people with children.

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 turbo



General Comments:

This was a rental that lasted a month. I rent cars all the time, and Tiguan was not on my list when I went to pick up the car. Actually I fought tooth and nail not to take Tiguan. However, it was either that or nothing, so finally I was forced to take it.

Very quickly it became apparent how stupid I was...

The first impression about Tiguan, and its interior, was that this was one nice car (or compact SUV if you want). The interior is classy, with high quality materials throughout, but most importantly - all controls and their functionality are absolutely impeccable. From wonderfully reliable and perfect Bluetooth, which includes voice commands and a pleasant female voice, which I did send to hell once or twice when she did not do as I wanted (because I talked over her), to a great computer display in the middle and excellent radio and buttons, everything was just perfect. Obviously, a lot of planning and good design decisions went into this car.

On the outside, the car seems relatively small, but inside it is quite spacious. I wish there was more leg room for the driver, not lengthwise, but more to the sides, as it felt like the doors and center console were intruding on me somewhat. This was not a long-lasting impression; only when I sat in it for the first time.

Now, the reasons why I felt so stupid after I fought not to take this car:

- The car is a pocket rocket. I mean, its acceleration is out of this world. This shows especially when one is on the highway and trying to pass someone who is intentionally being difficult - from 65mph to 100mph in an instant. Crazy but true, and quite welcome when really needed.

- The brakes are equally impressive. Almost too good.

- The automatic transmission works like a charm. I am not an A/T type, and only like standard transmission, but VW is converting me to the dark side with their silky smooth and intelligent A/T. Haven't tried the DSG transmission yet, but this one was quite perfect.

- MPG was OK for a car that fast and big.

- Every little thing on this car works as one would expect: From radio to Bluetooth, to remote, to doors and so on... it is one smart car. I cannot stress this enough.

- The car handles quite well, although I am the type who likes aggressive driving, so I am still not sold on the idea of an SUV that handles well (one of my previous cars was an Integra, a car which very few cars can beat in handling department). I am very picky when it comes to handling, but Tiguan helped me get more confident with SUVs in that respect.

- With seats that fold flat, and intelligent design all over (e.g. it takes a split second to lower rear seats, with zero effort too!), lugging large items is a breeze.

Add to that its superior crash ratings, great visibility, great engine and transmission, and there is very little reason left why one should not buy this car.

As I said earlier in my review, I rented this car against my will - I was forced into it by the rental agency due to a lack of other cars.

Now, I am seriously considering buying it! That's how thoroughly impressed I am with Tiguan.

P.s. I hear that the new 2012 Tiguan is not much different from the older model, which is a good thing. Some complain about new model's transmission mapping (shifting to higher gear too soon), but I am sure that can be corrected through a new chip or at the dealer, or at least by switching to Sport mode.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2012

2011 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2.0 turbo


An excellent and well designed SUV


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

The handling is outstanding, very tight around corners, and can handle large bumps and potholes very smoothly.

A very well built and great looking small SUV, with much more appeal than other brands.

The 2.0 turbo is very powerful, yet delivers great gas economy! It is very similar to driving a GTI, just taller.

Cannot go wrong with the carefree maintenance and oil changes; you can save hundreds of dollars vs. other brands.

Excellent small SUV, great all around size for the city, although you must sacrifice for the small rear cargo space (with the seats up).

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Review Date: 10th March, 2012