Type II 2.0

Really fun ride if you don't mind tinkering a bit

222 words

Type II Westfalia 2.0L FI

24 words


Type II Westfalia Camper Porsche 914 Four

The Bus

212 words, 2 comments


Type II transporter 1.8 Fuel-injected

For the non-performance-minded tinkerer with endless patience

119 words


Type II Campmobile 1.8

Afordable, reliable, fun, and chicks dig it!

161 words, 1 comment


Type II Campmobile/Westfalia 90 Opposing 4

My love affair runs deep!!!

189 words

Type II Deluxe Transporter 1.8 Type 4

You won't have nearly as much fun in anything else that resembles a loaf of bread

272 words

Type II Transporter Van 1.7 dual port

It's a good car if you don't need to depend on it or if you love to fix things all the time!!!

148 words, 1 comment


Type II Camper 1.6 boxer

Excellent inexpensive transportation and fun campmobile

307 words, 1 comment

Type II Camper Bus 1.6L

VW knew exactly what they were doing

321 words, 2 comments

Type II camper bus 1.6 dual port carbureted

1969 - the best year for a camper bus

104 words

Type II SO-67 Westfalia 1.6

It's a bus

37 words, 1 comment


Type II 1.5

Very durable, and will run forever inexpensively

449 words, 1 comment