1967 Volvo 122 wagon


Awesome car, looking to get more of them


Brakes are not so great.

The transmission slips in second gear.

The battery is dying, and the carbs need some work.

General Comments:

A great car. It is really quiet. It hasn't broken down once in the half-year I have had it. It has a comfortable interior, and doesn't smoke or backfire. Although not as quick as my old 1968 122, but it's OK. It feels nice and tight, and steers great. It is really reliable.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2008

1968 Volvo 122 Wagon B20


Poor man's classic


When I first acquired the car it didn't have rear brakes and had a number of electrical gremlins. After fixing these problems the car was driveable, even after sitting in a airplane hanger for 10 years.

The SU carbs are in need of some serious attention now. I will have them rebuilt soon. Other than that the car is amazingly reliable for being a '68.

General Comments:

This is my second 122 wagon. It has been a great car and proved reliable. The engine is very tough and runs like a watch (sounds like one too), although it lacks higher RPM pull, it has enough power for around town driving. The lack of a 5th gear makes this thing holler above 75 mph.

The car feels robust and tight. The ride can be a bit firm, but not to the point of annoyance. Cornering is not good. Lots of body roll. Not a performance machine here, but tons of fun for cruising around town and late night drives out in the country.

In general this is a fun car to drive and maintain. But, please do not try to hot rod these things (I hate it when people do this), buy an Alfa Romeo if you want a sports car.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2002

15th Sep 2002, 00:29

Well, I do have a 1964 Volvo 122 that is "rodded" out. A b-23, ipd springs, etc. and it is FAST!

17th Dec 2004, 13:40

This is one of the best old cars out there. Keep in mind that when this car was designed, something like 80% of the highways in Sweden were still gravel - so this car is very over-engineered with no built-in obsolesence...

I have driven Volvo's for over 25 years, and have driven my current one (a 1963 122S wagon) for over 17 years. It has over half a million miles on it, yet is still very reliable and strong (it has never left me stranded, or refused to start - never). I regularly take it on 400 mile round-trip jaunts, and it is a pleasure to drive. Though I have updated a couple of things (O/D transmission, Alternator and front disk brakes) and it cruises very comfortably and reliably. It is simple to work on, and relatively inexpensive to get parts for - which are still widely available both FROM THE DEALER (!) as well as a strong aftermarket.

If you want reasonably priced, classic transportation that will keep up with today's traffic and serve you well, this is a great car for you!

21st Dec 2008, 08:32

I agree,

Keep it original!