1989 Volvo 240 reviews from North America


It's a pie wagon on pick up, but once it's going, it cruises not bad for a heavy vehicle

240 DL

Safe, and gets you from point A to B, but not very economical

240 DL

Safe, Durable, Basic

240 DL B23F

A bit of work, but worth it

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240 DL B230F (4 cylinder)

Awesome car!

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240 DL

Absolutely fantastic car!

240 DL

A fine old car, and cute, too

240 DL volvo's B230F engine

This car rocks!

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240 DL

What a wonderfully reliable car

240 DL

Loved it so much I'm buying another one!

240 DL

For the money this has been a reliable, stylish, classic car

240 DL 1.4

Loved it so much, we bought another one!

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240 DL 1.4

A reliable car that feels like a tank:)

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