1991 Volvo 240 reviews from North America

240 2.3

Volvo autos are your escape from the recycled designs of all the other car makers!

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240 Wagon 2.3L

Solid car; will keep it forever

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Solid, rolls on the hwy and has the steel to back it up!


The single wisest purchase I ever made

240 2.3 F

Old Volvos look cool, but need babying

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240 4 cylinder

This car is great, only had to do maintenance that would be expected of a car this old. Buy one!

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240 DX

I love this classic and durable car


Worth taking care of!

240 DL Sedan 2.0

Great first car because it's safe, reliable and will last forever

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240 2.3L SOHC I-4

In Sweden, Volvos last 19 years, ja?

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240 DL Wagon 2.3

Another chapter in my love affair with the Volvo 240

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240 Wagon four cylinder

Quality ride, expensive to maintain

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