1980 Volvo 245 2.4 diesel


Diesel diehard


Standard maintenance stuff -- glow plugs, timing belt, injectors, filters, brake pads, rotors, etc.

Rebuilt the top end of the engine when first purchased. Never needed any other major work.

This was a very basic workhorse model with full vinyl interior. Replaced the worn front seats with salvage yard cloth seats from a newer model. After that, it was quite comfortable as well.

Rust in the expected places for the 200 series wagons.

Replaced the motor for the rear wiper (salvage yard special).

The heater fan protested on occasion, but never quit entirely. Which is fortunate as I gather it's a PITA to get at and fix.

General Comments:

This car was purchased cheap to haul lots of stuff. These wagons have enormous squared-off load bays, particularly with the rear seat folded. I once carried a standard-sized fridge, and could still close the rear hatch.

The diesel was not as slow as might be expected. You learn to conserve momentum, and this one had a very sweet-shifting 4 spd + overdrive gearbox.

Economy for the size and aerodynamics (?!) of the car was outstanding. The fuel tank was pretty big and gave a very long range.

To be honest, I once got a speeding ticket in this car -- 75 in a 65. The car would do about 80 mph on the level.

It was dirty gray and ugly as could be. I regularly parked it on the street all over NYC, and it was simply ignored.

I gifted the car to a friend when I moved out of the U.S. He drove it for another 3 years and sold it on. For all I know, that old grey whale is still out there somewhere.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2010

1980 Volvo 245 DL


She has been with me for almost 26 years - this baby is a keeper


Most prominent repair was a rebuilt motor after 315,000 miles. Had lots of short trips over the years and motor was just worn out. The old gal still got me home even though she sounded like she was going to croak.

Transmission still original at 338,000 miles. Original fuel injection system.

Obviously after 28 (almost 29) years brakes, A/C, belts etc. and other minor components have had to be replaced.

General Comments:

This is my 3rd Volvo - love them. Very reliable, feel very safe driving. Turning radius cannot be beat. Great view all around - especially good then backing up to park.

Fuel economy is reasonable, speed is slow at first but good when we get going. Also having a station wagon is the greatest thing! Can pile her up and keep going. I am the second owner.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008

11th Dec 2008, 16:35

Congrats on the Volvo! I love hearing these stories of folks who have kept their cars for 20+ years. A lot of great memories, and extremely good and loyal owners.

By the way, have you taken a visit down to brickboard.com. There are plenty of us Volvo aficionados out there, and we can always use some company.