1990 Volvo 245 2.3L


Drove like a dream


Replaced water pump, front end bushings, rear engine seal.

General Comments:

Amazing, reliable, comfortable, wonderful car. Ran smooth and never let me down.

I bought it for 2500 dollars and put 150000 miles on it. Great highway car, ugly, people made fun of it, but it just kept on going.

Everything on the car will eventually wear out and get replaced, but the engine just keeps turning.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2010

1990 Volvo 245 DL 2.3L petrol


Cheap, reliable, boxy, comfortable car


Windshield motor went out the day I bought it ($90 new from IPD).

Drivers seat foam was shot, but the seat skin was perfect ($20 for a good pair used).

Starter and ignition switch went after about 5,000 miles of me having it ($100 for a new starter with lifetime warranty, and $75 for a new ignition switch).

The tail hatch wiring harnesses were shot from day one and only cost $26 from IPD and took a lazy 1.5 hours to replace.

Some suspension bushings are worn out, but that is to be expected with the high miles. Haven't got around to replacing them, not a big deal.

General Comments:

Great for people that are car savvy, ie, don't mind working on their cars. The easiest car to work on, ever.

For $950 its the perfect car. TONS of room, though I think it adds to the road noise.

In no sense of the word is this car fast, but feels great on twisty roads. That could be the $75 'Turbo' sway bars I installed.

For being such a long car and long wheel base, this car turns on a dime in parking lots, and can parallel park in all but smart car size spaces.

I see this car, stock engine and transmission, going to 350,000 miles or more.

Best of all the drivers side heated seat still works.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2008

1990 Volvo 245 DL


Love my Volvo 245

General Comments:

Built like a tank, comfortable and reliable. The LH3.1 fuel injection system is a nightmare and super expensive to fix (LH3.1 on 90-93 Manula cars). Handles well enough for a heavy car and has never let me down.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2008

21st Jun 2008, 23:44

What goes wrong with the injection system?