1982 Volvo DL


Replaced windshield (leaked).

Replaced muffler.

Replaced tailpipe.

Replaced U-joints.

Replaced motor mount.

Replaced alternator.

Replaced shocks.

Air conditioning doesn't work anymore.

I have replaced many other small things, the above are the major problems.

Am having a problem the last few months where it will just not start after driving it around for a while. If I wait 45 minutes or so it will start right up. Since it won't do it for the mechanic I haven't been able to have it fixed. I was, however charged a pretty penny to have my mechanic tell me this.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $1500, and have spent just as much on repairs alone.

Up until about a year ago it has been a good car, and has only left me stranded (for real) on the side of the road once.

This car does have a lot of miles, but it has just gotten to be such a burden lately that I am selling it.

I have noticed that this particular Volvo wagon doesn't seem to be as common as others. Do others agree that this year and model is not so great?

I would buy another Volvo if I could afford to get one much newer, which I don't see happening anytime soon, so I will probably have to avoid Volvos for a while.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2001

22nd Jul 2001, 13:15

Have your mechanic check for any hairline cracks on the solder of the relay/s that control the fuel pump or fuel injection system. Happened to a previous car I had. No problems since.

15th Oct 2002, 19:11

No, it is not the year. The 240 series had an excellent engine. Though there are minor things you have to keep up with, a well taken care-of 240 can go for ages. (Mine went to the yard with 307,000 miles and that was due to rust. It burned almost no oil at all!)

Sounds to me like you purchased a car that was in good, but not great shape. Most 240's I see (I'm looking for another) that are under $1500 seem to need a lot of attention. The best car in the world quickly deteriorates into a lemon if not well looked after.

17th May 2004, 14:06

My '82 had a similar problem of not starting after driving a while; it would almost, but not quite turn over. The problem happened to be a fuse (#13 if I recall.) This particular fuse operates the electronic ignition system, and it had been replaced with a glass Buss-style European fuse versus the older colored ceramic European fuses. Apparently, the glass ones are just a tad too short; they rattle around and make poor contact. Replaced the fuse with the proper type and problem was solved. Hope this helps.

7th Oct 2004, 09:09

My 1994 Volvo 850 has the same problem. It will not start after being on the highway for a while, but will start right up after about 15-20 minutes. The weird thing is my 1988 Acura Legend used to do it too. Since both have over 100k, I'm wondering if it's fuel pump or fuel injector related? Tekron doesn't help however and since I'm in AZ, it may just be heat related. Any advice?


1982 Volvo DL 2.1 petrol (?)


The o-rings for the fuel injectors rotted away, the overdrive needs to be rebuilt and the alternator died. Besides that, in the 40,000 miles I've put on the car since I bought it, it has only been normal wear items (tires, battery, shocks, headlights, etc.).

General Comments:

Good car for the price (only paid $1700 for it) three years ago. Currently seeking a silver 90-93 240GL Turbo Wagon with black leather interior.


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Review Date: 31st January, 1999