1999 Volvo XC70


It is a piece of junk... a waste of money


I thought maybe I had gotten a "lemon" as well, but after reading all the reviews, I think Volvo just blew it on this car.

I just had my car in for another "Check Engine" light. They had to replace the timing belt (understandable with 100K+ miles on it), water pump, a tie rod end and numerous other items. The "CE" light is more of a nuisance, though it seems to be a $$ light for any dealership/auto repair establishment. Every time I have brought in my V70 XC into a dealership (even for just an oil change), my bill was at least $1000 out the door. I had my car for 1 year (the car was 4 years old) and they had to replace at least 1 engine mounting bracket (NOT under warranty, by the way). I just picked up my car 2 days ago from a local import car repair garage ($1600 later), and within 3 hours, the "CE" light came back on. I refuse to take it to a dealership anymore.

I don't know if the problems have just started since under "Ford," but who knows.

General Comments:

Volvo could not give me another car. I never had problems with my BMW. Volvo makes a very comfortable, safe car, and it has more storage space than my friend's Mazda (mini SUV), but that is all I can say positive about it.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008

28th Jan 2008, 09:07

"I don't know if the problems have just started since under "Ford," but who knows."

Ford acquired Volvo in late 98/99 so I doubt your Volvo was part of those affected.

Frankly, Ford has done more good for Volvo than they ever were before, especially the Euro division who builds cars that are far superior to any N/American car.

1999 Volvo XC70 AWD


Hoping someone else has some insight into this problem - in the past 4 months, I've experienced 3 separate failures of individual ignition coils, resulting in the car stalling out. With the last (3rd) coil failure, I asked my mechanic to replace the remaining 2 coils also, so that I don't have to pay labor charges each time. So now I have 5 new coils! My mechanic says he has never heard of sequential ignition coil failures over a few months like this. Any one have any knowledge?

General Comments:

The car is great in every other way!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2007

1999 Volvo XC70 Cross Country 2.4 turbo


Piece of crap


Transmission stuck in third gear.

Wife closed door and windshield cracked from top to bottom?

A/C lines kept leaking replaced twice in 3weeks.

Radio lights blew.

Viscous coupling replaced $1,7OO dollars.

General Comments:

It has always been our dream to own a volvo, My wife and I finally get the chance to purchase one and it turns out volvos, are not the car we all thought they were. Lucky for us lemon laws protected us and we were able to return the vehicle with only a $800.00 loss versus thousands like so many other. They are wolfs in sheep's, clothing DO NOT BUY A VOLVO if you do after reading this you deserve the head ache.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2006

4th Jun 2006, 08:55

Well, I think you just got a lemon. I've owned many cars, and all I can say is: Volvo's are the best. I have had NO problems whatsoever with my 4 (460, S60, S80, XC90), and I'm over 100.000 miles on every one of them.

18th Mar 2007, 19:03

No, Volvo is not best.

My experience tells me that all brands are "best", it depends what you like in a car etc.

2nd Dec 2007, 20:24

I have had a 1999 Volvo XC70 since 2001, as has my wife. They are overall nice cars, but you can definitely put out some change as the cars get older. This year alone my car has at least $3000 in repairs. Never had that issue with American cars. My car has 128 k and my wife's has around 80k.

The car itself is great, and is useful for pulling small trailers.

23rd Oct 2008, 17:19

I agree that Volvo is the Swedish word for 'Crap'. Our 1999 XC is driving us only one place... the poor house.

Viscous coupling, ABS module, Head gasket, oil leaks, A/C leaks, tail light connectors, rear wheel bearings... the list goes on and on over the past 4 years.

I hope to sell it soon. The good news is that with all the newer parts I can advertise it as a 2004 model!!

21st Jan 2016, 03:09

You must be the luckiest XC90 owner. It's a well documented fact that those cars are real poor quality; just read all the comments, and there is a reason that a $50k to $70k car sells for much less than $10k when it is 5 to 10 years old.

21st Jan 2016, 17:41