1988 Acura Legend L 2.7L V6


An excellent investment!


Headlight switch failed and was replaced in 1996.

The power antenna became corroded and would not go all the way down after 1997.

Some dash light bulbs have needed to be replaced.

Repaired rust around the rear wheel-wells and the gas filler in 1998.

General Comments:

After spending a lot of time researching what the best used car would be to purchase in 1994, I decided on the 1988 Acura Legend with an automatic transmission. This was because consumer reports listed problems with the manual transmission. I bought the car with the intention to keep it at least 10 years, if possible. It has been 8 years and the car shows no signs of slowing down. It starts immediately every time and provides excellent heating to the passengers within a few minutes on cold days. The car performs the same now as it did when I bought it. In the past 8 years I have not been able to start and drive the car 2 times. The first was in February 1996 when it was 35 degrees below zero and I had left the car outside overnight. The second was in 2000 when the battery starting go bad.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2002