2002 Chrysler Voyager


Apart from this problem and high gas consumption, the car is good


Optical flaw in the windshield, just below the blue band of the sun screen.

If you sit high, the horizontal deformation in the screen causes objects to deform when they pass through this band of the screen - like through a magnifying glass.

The fault causes headaches and is very distracting when driving.

Does anyone else have this fault? The Importer claims it is the same on other Voyagers and is, therefore, normal.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 5th November, 2002

29th May 2003, 15:06

We had a Voyager for seven years. All wind screens have some distortion. You may try to lower or raise you seat. As to mileage/fuel economy, we used to get 40 MPG or 17.12Km/Ltr (if I did my math right) with a 1000lb/450 Kilo load at 75mph (120 Km/Hour.) This was with the 3.3 Litre engine. Check to make sure you are using the overdrive. (look at the engine RPMs, if above 3000 at 100km/hour you have a problem.) My experience is that this car is very thrifty on fuel. Also if you have the 4 cylinder, your mileage will actually be worse than the v-6s.