1980 Citroen GSA Club 1.3 petrol


Very reliable comfort style-machine


Ignition problems, motor kept on going even after I took the key out. Only on very hot days.

Clutch wore out, due to age.

Front wheels wore out fast, due to a crash, which ruined the front wheel alignment.

General Comments:

Very nice comfort, drives long distances very smoothly.

Huge boot, very large door opening, since it's a hatchback.

Some problems with the ICE, since the head unit is between the seats.

Easy maintenance, very low on petrol, but have a history to leak oil. No problem, as all GSA's do this.

Hard to style, but it's so beautiful it doesn't need styling.

Parts may be difficult to get, easiest to get on a scrapyard...

Very comfortable back seat, it is a couch, instead of two seats, which makes it very good to lie and rest\sleep on.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th May, 2003