2002 Daihatsu YRV AWD 1.3


Durable and fun


Nothing yet. Surprisingly well kept car for its age.

General Comments:

Driving this non-turbo 4x4 YRV is an absolute hoot. We originally purchased this 8 year old car with few miles on the clock as a backup for our AWD Suzuki Ignis, which performs fine. The YRV however is really as someone in another review calls it: a pocket money rocket, and much more fun to drive. Even in this non-turbo version.

Add low maintenance costs and Japanese durability: we are well pleased with this little motor. Will be sorry to see it go eventually, but am hoping to postpone this to the very distant future.

It is of course a small car, but it can easily seat our family of five, and the sliding backseat with adjustable reclining back is an absolutely ideal solution in any car. Why don't all car-manufacturers follow suit?

Our main reason for driving small 4x4's is the amount of snow here in wintertime, and knowing that your chances of getting home from work multiply by several factors when driving an small and light YRV up a mountain road.

Comparing its carbon-dioxide footprint with more modern cars doesn't even leave us shame-faced, because although it's an AWD, it can still compete with any of them in real life (not your factory figures...) miles-to-the gallon.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th September, 2010