1992 Fiat Tipo 1.4ie 1372ccm


Low running cost, big space car


So far, so good. Nothing.

Some oil leaks from the gearbox due to wornout boots both sides.

Left side wiper front lights have been a little off and on.

General Comments:

Very good space.

Very low running costs.

Petrol is very expensive in Norway... like everything else is. Average consumption pr.10 km is not much more than 0,55, even during these cold months like December.

Very good handling on Norwegian winter roads.

Fiat dealers in Norway have been a sad story, but now things are looking mutch better, since they joined up with Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo and Daewoo. I agree... best FIAT ever.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2000

15th Apr 2001, 18:28

I bought a Fiat Tipo 1.4 in 1989. I drove 311.000 km with him till 1998.

I hope you have fun with your Tipo like I had with mine.


22nd Jan 2002, 06:45

Hi there,

Great review!

I'm Rach from the UK. We just bought a 1990 1.4 Tipo DTS, our first car! On the first day we drove for hours, up hills (more like mountains!) and down (worse!).

Your comments increased our belief in the Tipo's reliability, and now we're also confident that she'll start in all weathers!

22nd Jul 2004, 03:24


I have a '92 Tipo 1.4. Gone 136000kms. Going on my second year now, driven 30000kms since I got it. Had serious troubles to begin with due to a faulty alternator. Thought it was something wrong with the electrical system, like a shortcurcuit from the syptomps. After this was changed it has worked perfectly. Also changed the water-pump and front suspension. Odometer is stuck. Starting to get troubles with gear, "falls" out when turning right. This is due to engine fittings being worn. Clutch really hard to press in. A bit worried about that one. Have some leakage in the distributor, there is oil coming through. Changed the gadgets, but is still doing it. Causes the car to cough a little at low revs. Other than that it is a wicked car. Excellent to drive. Stuck to road in turns at high speeds.

Great car to recommend!!!


16th Nov 2009, 03:00

I think he means gaskets, and I refute the topmost comment as obviously the best Fiat ever is the 125!