2007 Ford Mondeo Trend 2.0 TDCi turbo diesel


Overall: Great car, good value


One ABS sensor replaced under warranty.

Diesel heater reprogrammed twice.

Engine management system was also reprogrammed during periodic service; unknown why, since there were no problems with it.

Empty battery several times due to programmable diesel heater, where the auto shut off does not work properly. In the winter, we had to recharge the battery several times in the winter, even though the car was fitted with a huge 90Ah battery. It simply guzzles electricity in the winter if you use the full winter equipment of the car, including the heated front window.

General Comments:

Surprisingly comfortable and roomy car for little money. Pretty reliable, just one actual repair under warranty, and that was a faulty ABS sensor that sometimes gave an error code. Besides that, the car was reprogrammed more or less every time we had it in for routine service, including diesel heater functionality, climate control functionality and lighting functionality.

This is actually a great car, roomy and comfortable, the only main irritation point is the functionality of the programmable diesel heater that the first winter drained the battery several times. It was reprogrammed by the dealer and it helped a bit, but it still managed to drain the battery in the winter, leaving us stranded when it was -22C cold. We actually had to charge the battery every month, even with a near new car. The diesel heater was supposed to have an automatic shut of functionality not to completely drain the battery, but it didn't work, even after programming twice by the dealer.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2011

2004 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 TDCi 115hp turbo diesel


Bland, but roomy and comfy family car



Gearbox selector.

Diesel heater.

Xenon bulbs and igniters.


Temperature sender unit.

Climate control unit.

Fuel pressure sensor.

Brake pressure sensor.

Doors leaking.

Antenna leaking.

Boot leaking.

Air intake leaking.

General Comments:

The car was chosen as a replacement for my former Scorpios. I didn't want another Ford, so we tried a lot of other cars, but the Mondeo was the only car that made me feel at home. So we bought one, despite its bland looks and low performance from the diesel engine.

The car is outfitted with a 5-tronic automatic that can be shifted manual from the gear lever or buttons at the steering wheel if one prefer.

The shifter unit was broken when I got the car and didn't work in auto mode, only manual. I fear the replacement is now also on its way out - it's starting to make these vibrating sounds when set into Park that the old unit did.

Every shift, up or down, takes ages and is really annoying at times. It is possible to come to a complete stop, start again and be 30 yards down the road before the car selects first gear! And although it is supposed to lock up solid in every gear, it jumps in and out of lock mode like crazy at times, and sometimes simply refuse to lock up at all in the lower 3 gears.

Engine power varies. There is no difference between 1/3 throttle and full throttle in performance. Stomp the throttle at 60 mph and it shifts into 3rd gear, which gives far less acceleration than 5th gear. Even 4th fails to get the car much more excited than 5th. But the lousy box will kick down even in manual mode, so the best thing is to use little throttle and just accept the slow progress.

The suspension squeaks over bumps, but no wear is detected. Annoying.

The engine sometimes warms quickly, sometimes "never". 3 thermostats later and it's the same thing.

Diesel engine heater has been overhauled twice.

All 4 doors let in water. One of the repairs had to be redone recently.

Antenna had to be replaced due to water leaks.

Boot lid let water into the boot and had to be adjusted. Boot is larger, however, and easier to use than that of the Scorpios.

Air inlet for the cabin had been poorly fitted and let water into the front footwell.

The Sony stereo has such bad speakers that you do what you can to avoid listening to music - it gets slightly better if you shut off the rear speakers.

The overall build quality of the interior doesn't quite match that of the Scorpios, but overall one must say that it is good.

The seats are big, just like in the Scorpios, and adjustable for lumbar support. Unfortunately, this is placed to high for my sway back for optimum comfort, but seats are still superior to most cars. I'd like for the seat pillow to be adjustable for angle, but that requires a Ghia X edition.

Back seat is as roomy as that of the Scorpio and comfier for 3. Also, proper seat belts and head supports are offered for all 3.

Ground clearance is excellent and suspension compliance pretty good, especially considering how well it handles. The car is, however, no Mercedes or BMW in this respect.

Fuel consumption varies enormously despite identical driving conditions. Cruising on the motorway - same road and speed - have given consumption from 4.8 litres / 100 km to 7.2 litres. Overall consumption around the home (mostly city and suburban) have varied between 7.0 and 9.0 litres per 100 km. Lowest registered consumption over a tank has been 5.0 litres and highest have been 9.2 litres.

The diesel injectors are noisy periodically, but it's difficult to understand what and why. They have been cleaned several times, which sometimes help and at other times don't.

I really dislike this car because of all its faults that the garage fails to find a solution for. My guess is that all the water that has leaking into the car has corrupted the main computer.

This is my 5th Ford. My first was a 1976 Escort MkII, and I said never again. Silly enough, I ended up with a 1976 Granada a few years later, and this time I was sure it was my last Ford. That lasted for a decade when I could afford a used Scorpio, the last edition (1995-98) and probably the prettiest reasonably priced family sedan of all times. This was followed by another Scorpio, but two years ago we decided we wanted something more modern and also with air condition.

I have regretted the sale of the Scorpio, and even more the buying of the Mondeo for 2 years now. I really should listen to my inner voice and stay away from Fords for the rest of my life.

However, I have such a soft spot for Scorpios that I am looking for a well-equipped example with low mileage. With proper upkeep, it should last me a decade. By then, hopefully there will be something tempting to buy - and modern advanced electronics have become somewhat reliable.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2010

1994 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Si


A high performance bargain


Muffler system leaking after 80000 km. Had to buy a replacement for the rear muffler.

The EU control reported worn rubber fittings in the front and rear suspension system. Must be fixed during the 90000 km service. Big cost: Euro 1000 (everything is expensive in Norway)

Remote control door-lock and alarm system freaked out. Disabled the system after about 80000 km.

General Comments:

I nice care to drive (if you drive fast).

The Si model have a suspension system which is sporty, but could lead to noise from the wheels using "hard" tires.

Good (Ricardo?) sport seats in the Si model.

Could be used with larger wheels ("15" > for a better look.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2002