1995 Ford Transit 2.5 TD


Nice car, but with built in faults that realy should have been payed for by Ford


Front wheel bearings.

Clutch gluing -> Gearbox sync wear.

Exhaust sensor malfunction -> low power.

AC ALU + steel -> AC leakage.

Blue exhaust at start at 150,000Km.

Driver seat no good at 50,000Km.

General Comments:

Nice car, but : There was several faults designed in by Ford. Thus the real cost of the car was at 10% to 20% more. These were : inner front hub bear exposed to water giving bearing damage (Construction changed). Exhaust sensor failing after 50,000Km (Standard problem). The clutch does not release below 18 degrees C, possibly to litle clearance on plines. Resulting in having to use force to engage 1. and 2. gear. Resulting on gear box overhaul!. AC ALU tubes mounted by steel clamps! and routed close to steel, gives leaking tubes, and almost whole AC must be exchanged, including AC-radiator. All of these cause by poor construction! Adding about 10% to 20% to the initial cost of the car. The driver seat is the worst I've ever had. But probably fits a short guy with a crooked back ;-). The one they had in the 1986 was fine.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2006