2006 Honda Jazz LS 1.4


Fun, roomy and practical car


Signal switch turned on the headlights when you just touched the switch. Fixed quickly by my local Honda dealer.

After ca 15.000km the front wheels started to show heavy worn marks. Front alignment fixed by my local dealer for free.

General Comments:

The thing that got me in love with this car is it rear seats arrangements. You can put them down and up in many combinations. When both are down you get a HUGE cargo space. When only one are down I can fit my off-road bicycle inside without doing anything to my bike.

It handles just perfectly. It hugs the corners and is really fun to drive. Almost to fun. You tend to put the throttle down when cornering instead of breaking :)

I have the CVT version and it is the smoothest ride to drive I ever driven. And I still get amazed about the quietness of the engine and drivetrain and the feel of the transmission.

The car has a lot of gadgets as standard that not many cars in this class has.

The basic model has not a very nice look on the outside. Too boxy. But with the front/rear spoiler, shirt and roof wing it looks a lot better. But I did not buy this car for the looks.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th February, 2009