1993 Lancia Dedra Turbo HF Integrale 2.0 turbo


A thorough sedan, speed, style and comfort machine


There isn't much to put down on the car, only the usual wear and tear parts.

The worst thing was the water pump, but it wasn't really a hard thing to fix. Used a couple of hours.

The locks on both left hand doors. The rear door won't lock at all, and the cylinder on the drivers door is most often a bit tricky. Also a wear and tear part.

The arm on the rear diff, that turns on the diff lock, had rusted so much it wouldn't move.

General Comments:

The most fantastic car I have ever had. It's rare, so no one knows what kind of car it is. It has Italian style and sportiness. The engine seems robust, and purrs like a kitten.

Also, it has many details that are only becoming standard on "normal" cars today, like heated mirrors etc. It also has quite an advanced electronic engine control, but that is another chapter.

Very comfortable seats, and a spacious and easily overlook able drivers area.

I was impressed by the "elegant" details like how switches (like for the wipers for example) don't make any noise at all when you switch it on or off. Generally a very elegant and stylish car.

When it comes to handling, the car lies on the road like it was a train. On dirt or tarmac.. And it is fast; originally it has 170hp, but mine is tuned to a 220-240 hp. 0.8 bar is the original turbo pressure, but there seems to be no problem adjusting it to 1.4.

A pity and a shame that this car is so rare, but that is also one of the positive things about it. I'm really "taken" by this car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th February, 2009